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Thread: sr20 gurus!!!! help-over heating issue

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2008-07-09 02:44:36
sr20 gurus!!!! help-over heating issue
well just when i solVe one issue another arises,
ight i have both fans running constantly i had taken the thermastat out and was running without one for a lil bit, but the car still continued to overheat...
espeacally when i pushed it..
so i decided to put the thermastat bak in to see if anything would change.. well now its over heating even faster, any help would be apprecieted....

2008-07-09 02:48:30
its your fan switch near the coolant temp sensor, replace it, i wold also go ahead and eplace the coolant temp sensor while your at it, they arent that expensive and worth the replace, esp since you are in tha area
2008-07-09 06:58:02
you might have air pockets in your radiator???
2008-07-09 06:58:54
or i know this sounds stupid but you should check your oil level, oil cools and lubricates...
2008-07-09 07:00:51
while you're at it, learn how to spell.
2008-07-09 07:14:28
replace thermostat cap w/ 300zx cap.
2008-07-09 10:34:20
ok for one, you cannot run without a thermostat, the coolant will never have time to properly cool and will always slowly heat up. Two you need to properly bleed your system, More than likely you have air bubbles, three, easiest step is to pull your spark plugs and check for any signs of rust type buildup or discoloring to them, if there is then its more than likely your headgasket causing the overheating which is a sign being it heats up faster when you get on it.

Here is what you can do with the engine running and warmed up feel in front of the fans on both sides of the radiator to see if hot air is being blown. if one side is hot and one side is cool and your hoses are hot then you definetly have an air bubble in the system. Rebleed the system till you get it right, if you dont it will overheat all day long on you because the coolant will either not cross the radiator properly or the thermostat will not open properly. Simple things you can try, its not rocket science there are only so many things it can be. Start with the simplest and cheapest and work your way up. If you have rust buildup on the plug or plugs then your headgasket is gone and that is causing the overheating. Im only running 1 1200cfm flexalite fan on my driver side of the radiator as a pusher and i live in the hottest part in the country, 116* days all the time sometimes over 120* and my turbo sentra has not overheated once. I use a 50/50 mixture coolant and water and that one fan on all the time. Thats it. And i guarantee my my Stainless steel tubular manifold lets off a lot more underhood heat than your setup does, although i dont know what your setup is. If its a basic bluebird/avanier/gtir then yes mine does.

Again start with the simplest and work your way up.
2008-07-09 23:33:39
ok i searched the forum and came upon a way of bleeding the system, by undoin a bolt on the thermostat, but nothing came out... when i squeeze the on the bottom of the radiator while the cap is off motor running, it takes its time to go down.. ive poured a lil more than half of pure coolant and bout two buckets of water and filled the over flow to the max point... car is still over heating..... do you guys think it could be the water pump.. also, when i put my hand by the fans one seems to blow hot air and one seems to blow cool,... but im wondering could it be because of my manifold..
2008-07-10 08:34:47
either that your water pump is gone or you still have a bubble in the system, one side cold is usually a sign that a bubble is in the radiator, your radiator is clogged, or you water pump is bad.
2008-07-10 10:05:26
Did you put the t-stat in wrong? Its easy to do.

It does sound like you water pump might be gone though since you ran your car with no t-stat and still overheated. But that could be an un-bled cooling system just as well

What exactly are you doing to bleed the system?

And you do know you need to use DISTILLED WATER ONLY not tap water right? Tap water will corrode everything and cause the same problems you are having now if left for a while. If you have been using tap water in your cooling system you may want to have it professionally flushed
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