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Thread: Sr20vet headgasket fit s13 sr20det?

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2015-11-07 20:37:13
Sr20vet headgasket fit s13 sr20det?
Hi guys,

So as far as I understand the vet headgasket is supposed to fit all sr20 and surely the s13 det, but friend of mine's s13 det has a large additional oil hole on the far bottom corner. Looks like an oil return passage that the vet gasket doesn't have.
2015-11-08 16:39:09
No it doesn't fit, you can only use the sr20ve/t head gasket on a S13 DET if your running a VE head
2015-11-08 22:37:49
yep, it doesnt have the back passenger side oil drain in the block that the rwd blocks have. When running the vvl head you have to plug that back oil drain in the block and then you can use the gasket.
2015-12-03 14:43:02
Good info right here. Had i known this a yr earlier, i wouldnt have spent the extra cash on a tomei hg.

Any ideas on how much power the stock vet metal hg is safe for?
2015-12-04 01:31:21
the headgasket wont be the weak point, that will depend on the head stud setup and machining of the head and block and so on. People using VET gaskets to 700+ with no issues, I used a bored out to 90mm VET gasket on my 2.2L 12.5:1 VE-T with a 6262 making near 600whp on 14-15psi of boost. No gasket issues but i had a mazworx sleeved and stepped deck block with 1/2" head studs as well.
2015-12-12 02:54:39
So you're the dude with the high comp turbo engine! I thought i had seen such a build, but couldn't find my way back to it. Very impressive build sir! If u dont mind, could i send me the link to ur build by pm? I'm starting on my ve head conversion next yr and could use all the tips and tricks i can get. Much appreciated!
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