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Thread: Car doesn't accelerate/dies when starting up

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2015-09-21 22:34:04
Car doesn't accelerate/dies when starting up
Hey guys. I got a p11 with a det. This morning I went to start up my car and after about 2mins, the car bogged and died, even when I tried to apply gas. I start it up again, same thing, dies after a minute even applying gas. Since I was going to work, I did the basics and checked the maf(z32) it was fine, voltage reading was good then checked fuel pressure, it was fine, then throttle cable. Checked vacuum lines, good. Started it up, ran fine went to work. When I got off work car warmed up good, headed home, on the highway, my car suddenly was dropping rpms. As if I let go of the throttle, but I was actually pumping the gas, but got no response. I down shifted, apply gas, then it still wouldn't go. My wide band reading was normal when this was happening btw. Pulled over on the highway, waited a minute started up and car did fine until I was literally 2 blocks from my house. Car started bogging, then soon as I pulled up in my driveway, car dies. Did the same as it did in the morning. So I pulled in the garage, made sure all clamps for the intercooler piping was good, checked the maf again, but thoroughly and cleaned it with maf cleaner. Car started up fine,drove around the neighborhood fine, when I pulled up to the driveway again, the idle was up and down, but only for about 3mins,then would idle fine, but would go up and down again for another 2-3mins(between 650 to 850 rpms). I let the car sit for 30mins, started it up, no issues again.

But I'm not sure if I cured the issue cause it ran great after the issues I had in the morning and ran great on the way home until I got near my exit. If anyone has any ideas to what is causing the issue please let me know, don't have a commuter car lol. I don't want it to happen again especially in traffic in the morning hours to where my car won't accelerate to pull over to the side. I have a tuned jwt ecu by the way. I also haven't never encountered this problem until this morning. The last thing I did to my car was only a fuel filter change and spark plugs(gapped at 028 ngk coopers, have a gtir t28 turbo ), but that was 2 weeks ago. I also checked the plugs just now, they seem perfect, tan tips, not wet or black. Again, I don't have a lot of time to figure this out and hoped someone could give me ideas to look at. Thanks
2015-09-21 23:17:37
fuel pump, filter, etc
2015-09-21 23:50:38
Fuel pump is fine. The times it was dying, I could hear it do it's basic whine when it's priming when having to restart the car. It's a Walbro BTW. I also cleaned my k&n filter last month. I just went for a test drive again, nothing happened this time so I'm hoping it was just a t-bolt clamp loose from the cold side. Last time I was boost happy was on Friday (boosting 16lbs 4bar tune), car sits over the weekend so I wouldn't know if a clamp became loose, but it held boost that time. Will be boost leak testing now. All vacuum hoses were secured and no cracks when I checked upon coming home. Took the day off, so will be checking stuff.
2015-09-27 23:23:10
a failing fuel pump will do strange things, tho when mine was dying the afr's on the wideband would go really lean
2015-09-30 22:24:39
Did you check for codes? Possible you have a failing distributor, internal coil, or other ingition related issue.
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