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Thread: Gasclutchshift

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2015-07-20 18:47:08
So I recently purchased my B13 with an Avenir W10 swap from a fellow forum member and a 2 months after my purchase I've hit a wall. The car is not a daily driver, and has been sitting for most of the 2 months. When I purchased the car, the exhaust was smoking pretty bad and the previous owner advised that it was possibly an issue with the turbo/turbo seals which is why it was just pouring black smoke. I managed to get a compression test done this weekend and cylinders 4,3 and 2 showed about 165 psi and cylinder 1 showed 10 psi, just Great!! A leak down test confirmed air was leaking past cylinder 1 and we pulled the motor.

Pulled the motor and head, found a piece missing from the edge of piston 1 and felt a small impression on the cylinder wall of cylinder 1. Cylinder number 3's piston looks like it was starting to deteriorate at the edge. Also found out whoever put the engine together last used silicone to seal it! I was told it's possible that the impression might be removed with honing and we might need to bore the block 10 mm at a minimum to use the same block.

I also recently purchased a different trans to address the 5th gear issue from a fellow b13 enthusiast who was nice enough to sell me for $200. It also came with a Gtir block connected to it! The block is bare and usable as far as I can see, but I can't really tell until I send it out to a machine shop.

I don't want my car to be a drag car, I don't want to auto x, I just want a fun reliable weekend car with about 350 hp. That being said I now need to figure out which route I'm going. I can purchase a new engine but I'm unsure if the same issue will arise or how long will I own the next engine until I have to pull it apart as well. I can send out my Avenir head and block to machine shop and build my existing engine. Or I can build the Gtir block which can yield more power but also require more work. I would really like to keep costs under $1500 or so if possible, since this is not my primary vehicle and I'm trying to acquire a co-op later in the year. Any advice/direction would be appreciated and thanks for reading!

2015-07-21 20:47:29
I wouldnt rebuild a block on one of these cars when they are a dime a dozen for good short blocks. Just go get another good avenir long block. Ive seen them as low as $200 around here.
2015-07-27 17:21:14
Pulled pistons out yesterday, rings butted up against each other and cracked ringlands. We've decided to send the existing w10 block out to the machine shop for them to mic it and advise what's possible. Here's hoping it all works out.
2015-08-04 00:33:37
I'd keep an eye out for some forged pistons. Put some pistons in it with stock rods and you really shouldn't have any issues at 350hp
2015-08-04 01:33:35
Thank you, I'm still working on getting the blocks to a machine shop. The gtir block appears to need no work and has the oil squirters in it so I'm still up in the air about the block.
2015-08-27 17:12:28
I should be getting my engine parts back sometime soon, either the end of this week or next week. Does anyone know a good place to get all gaskets, seals, oil pump/ water pump? I'm looking for an engine rebuild kit and can only find parts for rwd sr20s.
2015-08-27 17:51:55
Avenir block stock internals are good for what you are going for. My brothers Avenir W11 stock block with stock cams and a GTX3071r puts 365 whp down.
2015-08-27 18:11:38
I had a chunk missing from one of the pistons and the machine shop is getting me 86.5 mm JE pistons and eagle rods for about $850.00 which seems like a good deal to me. Since we got the internals to the machine shop the new goal is 400+ hp, reliably.
2015-09-07 17:01:24
So I just got my parts back from the machine shop as well as the parts I needed to rebuild the engine. The issue I am now having is that I asked the machine shop to measure the block to see whether or not it needed to be decked. The guy at the machine shop just insisted that I deck the block which I thought he was just pushing the issue too much. So I picked up my block and the guy at the machine shop didn't check the deck so we now need to go measure the deck and see if it's within spec. I still need to wait for my upper and lower gasket kits from Nissan Race Shop | The inland empire's best Nissan parts distributor. Focusing on high end performance and OEM Nissan parts for racers and enthusiasts. which should take about 3 weeks so I am going to try sending out my ecu to get modded and that still gives me time to deck the block if I need to. We also got a chance to test fit my friends new wheels on his frz, he got Rays Gram Lights 57xtreme in 19x8.5 in the front and 19x9.5 in the rears. This thing is going take some work to fit but they will look nasty once mounted!! Enough talking, on to the pics..

2015-09-07 19:43:05
Nice those rims look great! A side note, I always heard cranks need to be stored standing up, not on their side, is that just a myth?

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