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Thread: Boost activated cutouts

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2015-02-25 20:30:12
Extra lines, extra piping and vacuum lines running under the vehicle to increase complexity??

Why not just grab the biggest resonator/muffler you can stuff underneath, run a cat and run a rear box in 3" variant?? You will get the flow of a 3" with the noise of a HKS 2.25" catback. Yeah you may have the extra weight of the resonantor, but on a street vehicle the additional 5-8 lbs is neglible at best and would'nt even show on any dyno (a temp swing of 10-20 degree would be much more aparent for instance).

Never liked the idea of running these just for the reasons you mentioned (sealing, failure of electrical components (if electrical), the valve sticking open/closed, the need to run extra lines, wires, etc. the list goes on as to why I would IMHO not recommend this setup).
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2015-02-25 21:31:40
Originally Posted by Serban
This car is pretty old school, still on a JWT computer.
Adjustable pressure-actuated electric switches are super cheap. You could use one to signal an electric cut-out quite easily if that opens options for you.
2015-02-25 21:53:24
near the end .... somewhere.

2015-02-26 18:48:10
@Doug Fab Can you post some pics?
2015-02-27 00:45:31
I used one of those atp boost activated cut outs. I had 3" down pipe to that and ran a 2.25" exhaust with resonator. It worked amazing. Car sounded stock when driving until it opened. It opened around 10psi if I remember correctly. They are very simple to install and I would highly recommend one if u can find it.
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2015-02-28 03:16:17
Originally Posted by Serban

I'd need a pretty large external wastegate to match up to a 3" exhaust cutout.

Or two smaller wgs if you have the room. A 2.5" exhaust + (2) 1.5" wgs on the downpipe would work well.
2015-03-21 13:28:49
Here is the setup that @Doug Fab fabricated for Maria. He used a regular "tee" setup because a "Y" would not have fit with the setup.

image by Mattick22, on Flickr

image[1] by Mattick22, on Flickr

image[2] by Mattick22, on Flickr

image[3] by Mattick22, on Flickr
2015-03-21 14:45:54
How well is that going to work though...
2015-03-21 16:37:18
Only one way to find out...
2015-03-21 19:09:06
Originally Posted by TheSam
How well is that going to work though...

why would this not work?
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