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Thread: Twisted Motion GT2871R Reviews

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2015-01-12 16:08:04
Twisted Motion GT2871R Reviews
Hello guys,

Has anyone use this turbo selling on ebay? I know there are garrett or precision. But just need some alternative one. Let say for drag application in street or track. occasionally.

What are your thoughts?
2015-01-12 17:07:39
You get what you pay for. I have run the ebay 2871 turbos and they work well on low boost. But if you are building anything serious I wouldn't use one. To be honest if you are going 200-250 HP buy a ball bearing T25 Garrett Avenir turbo. Want more than that get a ball bearing Xtrail or S15 T28 Garrett. There are quite a few new dual ball bearing Garretts sub $1000 price range. Used $300-$500.
2015-01-12 21:31:06
Let me start by saying I never tell ppl to use cheap turbos, let me also say that the title of this thread is twisted motion gt2871r not any old eBay turbo. The eBay gt2871r is junk compared to the twisted motion unit. Twisted motion has it's turbos clearence checked and high speed balanced. I'm not in anyway saying they make a unit that compares to the real thing but they come very close. I know two sr20det cars one fwd and one rwd running the TM gt2871r and both are running 15-18psi with very impressive results.
I have alway spent good money buying real turbos for my cars but if I was to build another sr20 street car I would get the TM gt2871r. I have first hand experience with this turbo and even told the owner of the car not to buy it....... I was proven wrong and not just on performance but on longevity.

Ok that's my input now make your own choice but before you buy an eBay turbo contact the guys at twisted motion directly and ask questions. FYI they have a version just for fwd sr20 cars that is direct bolt on to the fwd sr20det manifold and jpipe.
2015-01-13 00:38:02
I heard they have an insanely great warranty on their turbos too.
2015-08-09 13:58:15
any other using this?
2015-08-09 19:31:18
I've been interested in this too. I've tried to find reviews on their GT2871R but I can't seem to find anything by someone who owns one. Their are a lot of posts on different forms where people say "don't buy a cheap turbo". I haven't found anything by someone who owed one and complained about the quality or performance.
Even though they have listed a GT2871R. I wonder if for 350-425.00 it is journal bearing, although they have a GTX3076R DUAL BALL BEARING TURBO, so who knows.

They seem to post on the ZILVIA forums. it would be great if someone who understands turbo's better than I do called Josh and ask some questions of him directly.

Here the video comparing their version 1 and 2 Gt2871R turbos.

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2015-08-10 07:55:41
thanks for response bro.. yes I still trying to find some reviews. Thanks for the vid I already watch this. before though.. Still looking for best for bucks as I cannot afford to own. one.. My turbo is already busted. .and now I'm thinking to have it rebuild and make it hybrid or get one of this turbo..
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2015-08-10 10:37:52
If you have a busted garret turbo you may want to look into atp turbos chra exchange program.

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2015-08-10 16:31:00
there's a thread here where a guy dyno'd low number for the psi he was running.
2015-08-10 17:04:59
Originally Posted by Keo
there's a thread here where a guy dyno'd low number for the psi he was running.

I think I found the thread you were referring to:


Although he only made 289hp and 271tq at 16psi this compared to someone else who commented making 283HP - 266TQ @ 13.5 PSI with a Garrett GTX2867R it seems OK.
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