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Thread: GTIR B13 Swap HELP

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2014-08-30 17:55:22
I have two resister packs if you need one, 1 homemade and 1 OEM. @JKTUNING may have an ECU for you, I mailed him some a few months ago. Also check ebay.co.uk for a GTIR harness, let me know if they give you a hard time with the shipping, I can work something out with you.
2014-08-31 01:56:36
He can use the B13 harness. Just wire in the resistor and swap the two outer wires on the TPS plug.
2014-08-31 15:25:22
And swap iaac plug
2014-09-02 02:40:47
^ correct
2014-09-02 18:40:08
Originally Posted by kevwal
I blew mines at the track and had to get towed home one hour away. I will never forget that night cause I got towed with a strap on the highway all the way to my shop. I took it to a guy that repairs ECUs and that's when I figured out what happened. Wired in the resistor pack and it never happened again. Car ran good without it but it was always rich.

This is the key indicator on why the resistors are needed. The resistors are a voltage divider and drop the voltage across the injector. The injectors are around 3ohm. 14/3ohms=4Amps. With the resistors wired in 14/9.6=1.45A. Then divide the voltage across the the coil and the resistors, (R2/L1+R2)xVin=10v @ 1.45A at the injector, vs 14v @4 amps at the injectors. Running without the resistors will play hell on the tune which is why you were running rich.
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