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Thread: Stage 2 Going from DE+t to DET

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2014-06-29 10:50:24
So guys, my engine is completly open now, and i´m building it completly... bought a GTIR oil pump, polie, spacer and oil pick up, also bought a MLS VET head gasket...

I´ve read that de and DET pump covers protude 0.20mm block deck, and the paper gasket compensates for that from being crushed... but MLS gaskets don´t, as they are stiffer, originating problems, some people are aware, some are not, some put some silicone...

I measured my oem cover and there´s no gap whatsoever... can anyone elaborate a bit? is this true?
2014-06-29 15:52:53
I've never heard that, but then I always have the oil pump cover attached to the block and decked together when doing a rebuild.
2014-06-29 17:37:46
SR20's and MLS head gaskets... and i´ve read it once somewhere else, on the FSM there´s nothing about this...
2014-07-03 19:26:04

2014-07-06 16:09:27
Wait, your stock pistons were not flat top? All DE ive taken apart had flat top 10:1 CR pistons except 125HP P10 (93-96year).
2014-07-06 16:20:08
Originally Posted by jagy
Wait, your stock pistons were not flat top? All DE ive taken apart had flat top 10:1 CR pistons except 125HP P10 (93-96year).

Nope, they´re dished... and it´s a 10:1, it had the tubular manifold...
2014-07-08 21:46:51
Diference between DET 54C and DE 53J.

Look similar... but...

Look at the center:

The spacer:

Larger pick up:

Diferent piston and double springs for gtir:

Interior covers:

And the gears are way way thicker on the GTIR.

2014-07-12 09:32:28
Hey guys in the manual, regarding the head bolts they recomend tighten all up, loosen and then retight everything again, i guess is to squish the gasket.... wich in a DE is paper/graphite... but what about a MLS?

I know 54C DET bolts are bigger and the torque settings have more to do with the bolts/studs than the gasket, but using the xtrail VET gasket(that in theory doesn´t "squash" much), you guys have been using OEM settings? or skiping the loosen part?
2014-07-16 23:10:24
Never saw a single engine like this over here and I and my friend had a parts dozens of engines. Only dished pistons SR20 were in P10 facelift with 125HP.

Btw. very nice pump comparssion, thanks!
2014-07-20 15:15:26
Don´t know Jagy, this engine seemed stock, no strange silicone, no indication that was ever changed or taken apart, everything was stock nissan inside, i bought it almost 4 years ago with very few kms... don´t know if it was ever changed, but does no seem so.

The build is going nicely, wish i had more time...

And now the go fast bits clutchmaster fx500 4 puck ceramic+ 13lb cromoly flywheel

And Tomei poncams and springs + power enterprises 550cc injectors when i up the boost(at 4 bar)

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