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Thread: DE+T Aeromotive fpr and oil line ?'s

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2014-03-20 21:41:33
I know I was surprised to see AEM has a alcohol-rated fuel pump for around $100 as well. Very nice. As a side note to the noise of the walbro, personally I've only ever been able to hear it faintly with key on engine off when it's priming, never with the engine on. For me that's ideal because I don't have to strain or move to the back seat if I ever need to check if the pump is priming as it should. But a mute point now since the AEM flows more for around the same price.
2014-03-20 22:02:34
The Walbro 255 barely made any noise from what I remembered. Now for the higher flowing intank pumps its hard to say but being intank im sure it dampens the sound quite a bit.

I havent installed a newer AEM one yet, but the only issue I may see is the "sock" that it comes with may not be the correct size. Walbro has "kits" that has the correct size "sock" for the pumps.
2014-03-22 19:26:41
My 255 is only loud during the initial prime, outside that I can't hear it over the exhaust or stereo.
2014-03-22 19:56:04
I'm glad to see your going with a aftermarket pump. The q45 pump is variable speed and has amperage draw issues, it is a common failure point on the q45. I have owned two q45s and both had this issue. I fixed them by installing a walboro pump set at a static speed. The vh45de (q45 motor) ran better with the walboro pump, I even swapped a vh45de into a 240sx with a walboro and it ripped.
2014-10-02 02:00:14
DE+T Aeromotive fpr and oil line ?'s
How did everything turnout? Tomei fpr and aem fuel pump. Still doing some searching for a mirror setup to this but journal bearing. Could you by possibly pm me a copy of the parts list for the lines and fittings you mentioned on your op. Thanks.
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