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Thread: Using Tomei RWD Head gasket for my W10 Avenir engine

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2014-03-14 14:37:21
Using Tomei RWD Head gasket for my W10 Avenir engine
Hi guys!

My block was resurfaced (significantly) to remove old signs of detonation and flatness and it's now ok. Pistons clearance has been check and it's ok.

My tunning was made with a SR20VE metal headgasket which I believe is 1.2mm thick and stock bore block so in order to compensate what it was removed I am using a thicker headgasket to affect the least compression and tunning.

I could not find any FWD thicker headgasket so my choices were narrowed to Tomei and Crosworth in 87mm 1.8mm thick rwd both.

Nobody had them on stock and Tomei had a delay in delivery (got 2 orders cancelled) and Crosworth was even difficult to get in this spec.

Fortunatelly found 1 seller that had 1 Tomei on stock and ordered.

I've read many threads about some successfully using a rwd hg on a fwd but also read others that had not been so lucky

This is where I need you advice..

Do you think I will find any trouble using Tomei headgasket pn 1331870181 on my Avenir W10 engine?

[img] http://image.nengun.com/catalogue/1024x768/nengun-0795-01-tomei-head_gasket_-_metal_super_grommet_-_nissan_sr20det.jpg[/img]

If you have any advice trick or tips to successfully use it, I will really appreciate if you share those with me.

Cooling and oil passages look ok and pictures I addes shows exactly how headgasket is which I believe has an extra hole for an oil passage.

Thank You
2014-03-14 20:24:11
It should work. The front cover bolt spacing is different between the two engines but some of those gaskets have both bolt patterns.
2014-03-14 20:37:41
I know 100% the Cosworth works with the AWD/FWD setup.

I have the 87mm 1.8mm in stock too but im in New Zealand
2014-03-14 21:12:24
Cosworth on my W10 DET. Confirmed fits

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2014-03-14 22:14:16
He's talking about a RWD gasket on a FWD engine. I did it before but I can't remember the brand.
2014-03-14 22:15:57
he said w10 which is awd... but awd and fwd use the same gaskets (apart from gtir and vvl)

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2014-03-14 23:24:07
the vet gasket is 1.3mm thick. fyi
2014-03-14 23:24:43
They are actually 1.1mm
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2014-03-14 23:28:03
Originally Posted by pTen
They are actually 1.1mm

Nope measured my extra one with my calipers. I also measure one compressed.
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