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Thread: My nx2k dyno. Let me get some input from you guys.

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2014-02-12 15:58:34
I have said it before and I will say it again, Johnny has the turbo to have especially on a budget. I have never ran one on e85 but it seems like a perfect candidate for making good power with a relatively inexpensive turbo.... I would have to say that safely all day you can run 400+ on an 18g with e85 on a stock ve as long as it is tuned right. Do it and let us know the results as I am really curious. It has always been one of my favorite turbos for larger power than a t28 on an external, A little more lag but negligible with crazy top end so it is very worth it. Both great cheap turbos for good power on e85 with an external gate. I for one am jealous as I don't have the cash to build one right now and that would be exactly what I would do with a set of s4's. I am curious to know what that turbo will do on e85, external gate and big boost. I hope you follow this through and don't leave us hanging since I have been wondering for awhile what could safely be squeezed out of that turbo instead of these very expensive turbos. Let us see what happens with one of the best turbos imo for our engines without getting into crazy expensive new technology stuff since this turbo has been there all along and not many people use it which I also don't mind since it is like a hidden gem. Good Luck!
2014-02-13 12:12:17
Oh man. You guys are getting me really motivated. I went and did the math on the fuel pump with the assumed 30% increase in flow. It shows that the 255 can handle E85 to upwards of 450 or so. Which leads me to believe that A: I do not have a 255, or B: Its slam wore out. If this is a fuel pressure issue. I also found that if I indeed do have a 190, then the relaying the fuel pump will allow for around 400. But at about 100% duty cycle.

Anyone recommend a good E-85 Pump? I was planning on going with AEM, but there drop in kits dont look very drop in.

I'll look into the plug wires when I do the sparks plugs.
2014-02-13 15:15:50
Im using the aeromotive 340 stealth.

I also have a Bosch 044 pump in the back room incase I ever need it.
2014-02-20 00:21:01
Small updat. Tried a new set of ngk plugs (bkr7e). They did not work for shit with the pregap. I measured the best looking plug from the old set at. 022, regapped the new plugs and they are perfect.
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2014-02-20 00:42:06
Run the OEM wires. They are the best and Ive never had a problem out of them. Our ignition system is the shit bone stock. MSD box/coil just made it smoother. Go get some Iridiums and carefully gap them properly. The bkr7e's are gapped for N/A out the box. Just take a day and open them up as wide as you can (On your highest boost your gonna run) gradually until the spark gets blows out and then just back them down slightly. Also the Walbro 255 was perfectly capable of handling everything I threw at it. Just dont run out of gas or youll be buying another one....

Keo, apparently you want the piping to the waste gate to be flowing the same way as the exhaust gas. On my old setup i had the wastegate at the top of the manifold. This time itll be a pipe coming out of the front of the collector angled downwards.

And one more thing for anyone wondering...i saw a post where somebody said you need to run a restrictor on these turbos. You dont...its already built into the housing. Another thing...The oil feed fitting on these is in pipe thread (1/8pt iirc) and not a regular thread and not one that can be found easily. I had to call greddy to find that out. Other fittings may work. But people should know that. Everyonce in a while somebody gets there hands on this turbo and the first hurdle they find is what oil feed fitting to run. Luckily mine came with it since it was new so i avoided that headache
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2014-02-24 15:07:16
After installing the bkr7e as .022 gap, I was running into preignition at idle. I took @Johnny wangwang's advice an got some iridiums, brk8eix and gapped them to .022. Cleared up the preignition issue, and was able to fine tune the idle to withing 20 rpm deviation.
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