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Thread: exhaust silencer

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2013-11-19 06:50:05
exhaust silencer
So I have a full 3 inch vrs set up on my car with the optional magnaflow resonator. My issue is that it is loud. Like crazy loud. Obviously I expected this with 3 inch but for driving around town I need it quieter (I have a 9 month old son).I would like to know what are some options to quiet it down for dd driving. I was looking at the silencers that mount in the tip of the muffler and want to know if any of you guys run them, and how much do they quiet it down. They range in price from 13 $(ebay crap) to $ 220 (apexi active silencer).

Any imput would be awesome because if I can't quiet it down I will have to buy a new set up.

2013-11-19 09:20:53
ive been meaning to make one forever, anything that seals well and goes in the tip will help if you don't have leaks
2013-11-19 10:00:30
I just ordered one off ebay for $10 shippes lol. Its worth a try
2013-11-19 12:33:55
Is your car turbo yet? And do you run a muffler And resonator? If your running a muffler what style is it?

A turbo acts as a muffler so if you dont have one installed yet then it will def help when you do.

Also round mufflers seem to be much louder then oval ones

If you have a turbo and resonator and oval muffler an its still too loud idk what to say lol..

Idk about anyone else here (actually I know @Ben can veryify this) but rumbley cars put kids to sleep man I swear both my girls would always fall asleep hella quick when they were babies hehe.. hell they still do. Prothane motor mounts might help too tho haha.
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2013-11-19 14:35:04
I wanted my car quite also so I have two mufflers and a resonator. I have a short round 3" Dynomax ultraflow where the cat use to be, a 3" resonator behind that and a 3" Apexi world sport 1 at the back. I haven't noticed any power loss at all (600+ HP) and it idles and cruises very quite.
And if I lost power that means my setup can make even more power than I ever expected.
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2013-11-19 14:46:57
Pat how soon will your new ride be on the road?
2013-11-20 01:35:09
That ebay silencer will help a little. Ity will rob a little power too.
Gimme a call man. I have some ideas for you. I have been experimenting for years,and you have heard how quiet my cars are(for what they are)
2013-11-20 03:25:07
Jay, pm me ur number
Ken, it'll be ready once I get more money lol
Lynch, my kid loves it, I just don't want him to have hearing damage
2013-11-20 05:56:43

get rid of that magnaflow resonator and add 2 of those or one with a better muffler than the cheap stuff VRS uses
Vibrant Performance ::.
2013-11-20 10:08:55
I dont have any pics, but i made a valve for my gtir, the sound was fine, but it was a loud drone at light load when cruising.

I made it actuated with a wastegate actuator, so it opens at 7psi boost. Ideally i want it to open on load, so will fit a tank and one way valve and a solenoid and ecu control it on tps or load, but it works pretty well.

My car had a 2 bolt 3 inch flange over the rear axle, so i got another flange same, drilled it for a shaft, and then cut a stainless disc, with a generous amount of clearance around the outside so it can flow some gas when closed, and the actuator connected to a arm on end of shaft.

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