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Thread: ae86 sr20vet precision turbo?

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2013-09-16 18:32:54
ae86 sr20vet precision turbo?
hi guys

i got a ae86 with a sr20ve-t
i was running a precision turbo 48-57 journal bearing
for the next year i want to improve the turbo by putting a ball bearing one,
i was maybe looking for a precision 51-28
want do you recommand the most for my drifting application, i need good middle and high too but less boost lag possible
this is my last dyno sheet, the turbo was maxout at 16 psi

2013-09-16 19:22:13
2013-09-16 21:11:12
ball bearing turbos have better response. I would be looking into something ball bearing. I would also consider garrett gtx turbos.
2013-09-16 21:43:06
Also the precision turbos you are looking at have a very small exhaust wheel(53.5). 56.5mm exhaust wheel is the smallest I would run. Both the 5530 and 5830 come with that wheel. I am running a turbo right now with that same wheel(gt3071r).
2013-09-16 22:00:47
2013-09-16 23:01:43
You should prob call Precision and talk to a tech. They should be able to tell you which turbo will work for your HP/TQ goals.
2013-09-17 00:42:56
if I were you I would be looking into a garrett gtx.

that is what all the drift cars are running.
2013-09-17 03:02:55
Well when you are ready to buy a PTE turbo, you let me know I got the best pricing around.

We have been using PTE turbochargers for the better part of 7yrs now, through out our 7yrs we have had minimal issues, if any with PTE turbos.
Everyone of our current cars, use PTE turbos from T2-T4 turbos making anywhere from 250-800whp.
2013-09-17 04:10:33
yep trackforged ftw
2013-09-17 04:54:50
do you guya trust trackforged? and does pte turbo mean precision?

i dont think about garett, they seems to be a bit to big for what i need
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