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Thread: rocker arms breaking

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2013-06-24 20:51:17
Originally Posted by sss
hey it happen to me when am on launch control set to 5500rpm on the aem ems

launch control will cause a det motor to throw the rocker arms due bumping the rev limit continuously. As Mazworx stated the only real way to solve this is with a vvl head since you can't throw a rocker on a vvl head. Solid lifters and double grooved shims are the best you can hope for with a non vvl head. even with that done you will eventually still throw a rocker arm.
2013-06-25 01:15:47
thanks for the help guys if i do the double grooved shims would it be as simple as just replacing the flat shims with groove ones of the same measurments and would a rocker arm stoppers also help on a solid lifter head as the gti-r
2013-06-25 01:25:31
i broke 2 of mines once when i Miss Shifted lol..... and a 2nd time when i used the incorrect cams i put regular de cams on a RR and pop goes the rocker arms lol.... (thats the problem when you have to many laying around )

Live and Learn
2013-06-26 21:37:13
Avoid rocker arm stoppers at all cost. I rather replace a rocker arm then a valve/motor.
2013-06-26 21:54:12
On the W11 motor.

Get Springs and retainers, dual groove shims ( you have machine the rocker ) and RR lifters.

On the GTIR motor

Sell the top end for parts and put a VE head on it. You will pick up 20-40 WHP depending on the size of the turbo.
2013-06-26 22:24:03
I have a RWD DET head with Tomei solid lifters, supertech springs, and WPC treated rocker arms. I rev to 8,5000 and haven't had issues yet. Of course, I only have 2k miles on the motor, lol, so knock on wood! However, you have to make sure your shims are sized perfectly, otherwise you will have issues.
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2013-06-26 22:38:20
Lay off the anti-lag lol when i was turbo and standalone the anti lag would pop a rocker arm every once in a while.
2013-06-28 03:26:44
thanks for all the info guys the w11 I can put a vvl head on but the gti-r I invested a lot of money into the head so I am willing to try double groove shim so it can last a little longer I also have rocker stoppers on the gti-r motor so should I remove them
2013-06-28 16:16:41
good luck!

Keep us posted with how your build goes.
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