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Thread: VET build Pics.

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2008-07-06 15:13:19
very nice. Thing pulls really hard. My buddy says I need to use his camera because mine looks like everything is in slow motion. I will be going to the track next sunday so I will get a time with the all-season tires on there. I will take everything out of the trunk and hope for a good time. My buddy in his GTO says I should hit 13.0 because he does 13.5 and I pulled on him good.

With slicks he should be a mid 12.
2008-07-06 16:35:39
sweet, good luck man, should be lots of fun, i would go to the track again if it wasnt so freakin hot. i mean at 11 oclock at night its still almost 90* out, and plus there has been a lot of humidity lately so it doesnt make it any beter. haha. So i will be patient and wait till beginning of september to go run again. Hopefully nothing happens to the motor by then, haha, i doubt it, its been running pretty good other than i gotta figure out why it cuts out when i punch it in 1st gear. It didnt used to do that, i think it might just be the tps setting or either that my maf is screwed up, everything else is spot on and it only does it in first gear. its weird as hell.
2008-07-08 04:26:46

I will be raising the boost very soon to see what she can do. I am thinking of running 24psi on the dyno for the 3rd Annual Utah Nissans dyno day. I am hoping to hit over 400whp on the dynomite dyno. Here are some things that worry me however:

I really don't wanna break anything on the dyno. I am worried most about the engine. I am using the redesigned ARP headstuds with a 220,000psi strength, torqued to 105lb ft. The mains are ARP studded, but they have threaded inserts holding them in. The threaded inserts were put in place because the machine shop pulled the threads out when they were doing the line hone. So they were re-tapped and steel inserts were put in. That makes me nervous.

The other thing that makes me nervous is the head gasket. I really really hope this cometic holds up. But all of my friends have had nothing bad problems with them. Most people who build sr20s use them though and said they were bullet-proof.

I am not worried about anything else really. If I break an axle, no big deal. If my clutch starts slipping from the monsterous torque, no big deal.

If the motor goes I will be sad. If a stock EVO can handle over 23psi then this built SR20 should be able to... Hell a stock sr20 can handle that no problem. WISH ME LUCK!!! and feel free to help me settle my mind. I have waited almost 2 years to hit that magic 4xx mark.
2008-07-08 05:23:12
^^^ Fuc*in do it bro..

2008-07-08 08:36:26
dude you should have no problem going to that, i would go to 20-22 on a de 9.5:1 motor and make over 400whp, many have done it and with the proper fuel setup i wouldnt worry about it either, i dont have a turbo to go that high so its a no go, just mix some race gas in there and you will be fine man.
2008-07-09 01:51:57
with that high boost you throwing in some 100octane?

and damn dude your car is amazing

(as is your ashtonsser i don't think i've ever seen a car spin the speedo so quickly in nasty humid weather)

2008-07-09 03:53:41
with 100 octane I am going to push it. On pump gas I could prob get away with 22psi safely at this altitude, but I would prob stick to 20psi for a small margin of safety. I wanna run a lot of boost on the dyno. I need to hit amazing numbers this year. My buddy says he can tow me if I break it lol.

This weekend I am running it at the track. Hoping for 13.2 or better with these all season tires. The new radiator is coming in on the 27th or so and I will have that swapped in a day. Then I will be upping the boost. on 100 octane the car should handle like 25psi on this timing map.

I pulled timing today to get an idea of power loss, and most of the power is lost on the bottom end. I just set the dizzy dead center and drove her home. Car still pulls insanely hard up top, but sputters and backfires on shifts occasionally. The driveability has suffered a bit from the loss in bottom end torque. The car is just aching for some upgrades though. More boost will make more power, but I think I can free some power up with simple intake mods.
2008-07-10 08:45:39
Good luck mate! I hope it all goes smooth. I am building the same setup as you with some minor differences. I love the work done on your engine! Keep up the good work...
2008-07-11 20:36:59
here is a little vid i did last night, it was a little cooler out but humid as hell being it sprinkled down about 3 hours prior. This was a buddies kawasaki ninja 6R 2008, stats for this bike are 11.0@127 so you get the idea, we went from a 45 roll and at 120 he was about 1.5 cars in front of me. Then i missed 5th but then kept going just for fun. He was long gone after i missed 5th but oh well. i told him a rematch would be in order after i put the s15 dual bb t28. I bet i win after that, i should be several cars ahead of him by 120 but how well i hold him off to 150 we will see. That will be on 17psi

2008-07-12 00:27:23
that was awesome. It is suprising how fast your car is mang. I will be going to the racetrack day after tomorrow! I can't wait. I have practiced a few launches so hopefully i can hook up pretty good.
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