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Thread: VET build Pics.

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2008-06-29 06:47:32
Wow, I didn't expect such an ass kick to the STi. Its looking a lot better than on the first vids. How is the JWT ECU doing now?, I hope my JWT does the job with the VET, but i dont think it will, its doing a lot of weird crap, like cold idle at 18:1 AFR, and warmed up idle at 10:1 AFR wtf.
2008-06-29 07:09:15
Originally Posted by Coheed
timing on the ecu is the 21* at redline. The dizzy is set to about 18* so That puts me at a total of 24* timing. The computer doesn't know about the extra 3* of timing I have added to the dizzy.

In a way yes it dose know about that extra 2 deg. example look at this timing map (n/a)

This is based off 15 deg base. you bump it up 2 deg at the dizzy that +2 all over that map and ect it kinda throws it off if the timing is set manually. and again this is a N/A map not a turbo map so plz people don't try it unless you want to melt pistons and blow motors. It could be that the JWT computer has that high load section computer controlled (blue part of the map) so it give u alot till it gets some kinda ping and pulls timing. Just a guess tho never really looked at how they map there ecu's.
2008-06-30 05:17:58
maybe I didn't kill that STI that bad. I hear the stage 2 is worth about 50awhp on the STI. STIs around here don't run very fast at all. I think 13.6 is the best I hear for stock unless they drive to Wendover NV and run at the lower altitude.

I would like to go again from a dig sometime and see how well I do. If I could catch him in 3rd then that would be sweet, I don't spin tires unless I shift hard.
2008-07-01 18:31:48
Place your bets! I will be running the car at the track on the 13th of July. I can't wait. I will be running the all season tires hoping for a 13.2 or better.
2008-07-01 23:04:14
car looks good again man, yeah you pulled that sti pretty good, although i said it would be super close between me and you also. That vid i showed you was when i was on 8psi not 12psi spiking 19 and holding it till 5500, Ive ran an sti with all that same stuff done and more. im talking perrin works and flashable ecu, up pipe, downpipe, intake, fmic, full catless 3" exhaust and lots of tuning, i pulled him about the same as you did. He was running 22psi of boost. It would be fun if i lived up there. I mean literally i did a little test run the other night when it was still 90* out and i went from 45 to 90 in just over 3 seconds or right at that. It was nuts i rolled onto the throttle at 45 in 3rd and when i puched it the tires just lit up till about 70mph then the pull to 90 was rediculous. I mean to 70 was almost 1.5 seconds from 45mph, then just under 2 more seconds to get to 90, but again my power dies off after 80mph in 3rd gear. Again cant wait till the t28.. here in a month or so it will be in with some 520's or 550's whatever i can find for a good deal.

Car sounds really good man. Just for reference on 8psi on my 195 zeix's i ran a 13.0 @110 Holding 12psi i would say on those tires i would have ran probably a 12.7 @113-115 depending on tire spin in 1st and 2nd. I was trying to go for a 11.9 on slicks holding 12psi on the T25 but probably the next time i go to the track i will have the T28 on there so an 11 second pass should be cake on slicks. hoping for a low-mid @ around 120mph
2008-07-01 23:35:55
That is insane! My car would need 450whp to hit 11s I am pretty sure. Mine is no lightweight. But hey what can you do when you got full interior, sunroof, stereo, and AC?

Car is a blast to drive nonetheless. I don't know what I will run in the 1/4 but I am going to take the car out tonight and see what kind of 0-60 I can get with the datascan hooked up. That is such a neat little tool.
2008-07-02 00:41:40
Originally Posted by Coheed
I can't wait to get her to the dyno and see what kind of numbers I can get! I am hoping to get over 400whp on 20psi.

danmartin's swapped, GT30 fed S13 made 414 WHP with a stock cam at about 21 psi.
2008-07-02 01:02:39
I am hoping for low numbers. I know a lot of people here have seen really good numbers with their setups. But There isn't a FWD here that lives on the street that makes over 350whp. I guess I will find out at the UN dyno day on Aug 2nd.
2008-07-02 04:33:15
just food for thought I guess. I ran a 60-100mph with the datascan and got 4.95 sec. I was expecting a lower number. I should have shifted faster lol. 0-60 time was 4.94 sec with the tires singing in 2nd. But my best time was a 5.4 without the tires even chirping. I just bogged her off the line and made the quick shift to 2nd with about 1/2 throttle to redline. I need slicks.
2008-07-02 04:34:42
I did them separate, but perhaps I could do a 0-100 in about 10sec or so. Slicks... who knows. Bench racing at it's finest. Just was curious is all.
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