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Thread: finally raised the boost

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2008-05-21 10:22:48
Originally Posted by coach
either you are a baller, or you aren't!


2008-05-21 13:49:02
Nice Strat! Good to hear man, cant wait to see the car. Let me know when the next hangouts are, I see you are popular on B20V
2008-05-21 23:44:08
thanks bro. im the man over there, lol i hate on everyone haha. but yeah i got a few cats im cool with on there. yeah im giong prolly to deer park on friday night, my boy with a black turbo nx is gonna come out, im sure nick and his ve will come out and maybe a white se-r, you should roll out weather pending.

as of now jwt sucks as far as im concerned ive never seen a more pathetic a/f curve. its sickening, im thinking about a calum realtime with the same program i have now as a base. i know i can get close to 300 if not hit 300 with a good tune. reason being just by looking at my a/f its NO where were it should be its so off its not even funny.

2008-05-22 00:02:13
i always highly recomend a really good tuning platform, the calum are excellant, a great tuning platform is the basis for all power made, having the ability to fine tune your car will definitly be worth the investments. whats your WOT afrs?
2008-05-22 00:07:12
its like really up and down choppy then from 2 grand to about like 4 then at 4 it starts droppping off hard, by 6 grand were i make peak power its 10 then after that its below ten prolly the machine stops reading after ten. 280 at 6 grand and by 7 grand its making 200hp so you do the math. the tune is terrible.

2008-05-22 00:11:51
here i am bashing jwt lol, im thinking would a bad 02 sensor **** up my a/f ratio ??

if so maybe ill replace the 02 asap.

2008-05-22 00:15:45
eh its possible, did they put a wideband on your car on the dyno? and you have numbers to compare to theirs vs yours?

a bad wideband sensor is possible, i learned this as my car was running excessively rich when my tune got screwed up and it fouled my aem wideband, and my numbers were WAY off but in reality the sensor was just all over the place from being fouled. BUT normally if the sensor goes bad it houver around a certain AFR all the time, like 14 or something like that.

but if your AFRS are really that bad then yea youreally could stand a new tune and get those WOT afrs into the high 11s and you would definitly see a big gain over this tune i thnk
2008-05-22 00:21:33
he had a reader in the muffler. he said its accurate and this place dose tune like 800whp cars. so i think its gotta be pretty close give or take. but i dont think its that off.

ill have to scan my sheets and post them up. thanks for the info bro.

2008-05-22 00:30:15
yeah man if they used that then its probably pretty spot on, and if thats the case then yea the ecu is probably robbing you 20-30whp at least i would imagine
2008-05-22 02:27:03
I told you, when your ready..let me know
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