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Thread: running after bluebird swap. looking for ideas.

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2008-05-18 06:37:45
running after bluebird swap. looking for ideas.
hey guys
I drove my car for the first time after my bluebird swap and it seems to run rough especially in low rpms and idle. I am using the u12 JDM ecu, jdm o2 sensor, jdm IACV, USDM TPS, and USDM maf. I feel like there is still something wrong which is causing it to not run as good. When i try to rev it in neutral, it sometimes does nothing as if experiencing throttle cut, until i push harder on the gas and get it to rev higher up the rpm.

Symptoms are
-car dies occasionally (happened about 3 times today)
-idle regardless of temp. sometimes it idles at 1.5 - 2k steadily then it will drop to about 1k and become unstable until it dies. the higher the RPM the more steady the idle is.
-When i am in gear already and i give it gas in the lower rpms, the car jerks due to cutting out? (throttle/fuel cut? ) it cuts in and out which causes it to jerk, but only happens in the lower rpms. once i hit 3k, it becomes steady. I have a feeling this cant be good for my clutch.
-it sounds loud and rough.

What i think the problem is
-vacuum leaks?
-exhaust needs to be done (it is leaking near the factory u12 downpipe and where it connects to my old exhaust system, big leak).
-timing, which is hard to set right now seeing how crappy it is idling.

it appears to run rough regardless how high up i go (RPM), but it runs better and doesn't cut out the higher i go.

anyone have any ideas besides the things i have mentioned? I'm gonna head out and try a to fix leaks here and there first thing tomorrow morning and would like to consider more people's ideas.

could this be because i am using the usdm maf with the jdm ecu?
suggestions and ideas are welcome and appreciated.

thanks guys.
2008-05-18 13:27:02
It could be timing, but I would rule out the exhaust leak unless you have you o2 sensor after the leak. My o2 sensor is in my j pipe and when I first got my cant running ran that with no downpipe without a glitch aside from the noise.
2008-05-18 15:26:59
i have the 2nd o2 plugged into my factory ga16 cat, but since i used the obd2 to obd1 harness, is it pretty much connected to nothing?
2008-06-16 06:02:24
check your tps make sure that is right. when i got my new motor i had the same problem and couldnt set the timing also because the car would not idle.
2008-06-17 05:13:31
woops forgot to update this thread. thanks for the response. i've been driving the car but im having a TPS issue that i never had the time to fix. I made a thread about it called : TPS WAYYYY OFF

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