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Thread: Feels like going anywhere when it hits boost

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2013-04-08 17:55:04
Ok, small update. As i loosened the tension on the fork the car started to feel very rough on startups. Kind of like if the ball joints or a motor mount was bad, the whole car vibrates when taking off and it feels rough when downshifting. Re-tightened a little bit and it helped the issue a lot, however it still shakes a little when taking off. My rear motor mount must be bad as i see the shifter move back and forth when i accelerate the car and let go of the gas, what else could be causing this behavior though ?
2013-04-28 09:15:57
Would you describe it as clutch-chatter ???
2013-04-28 09:18:06
My friend used that word earlier, so i would assume so. It feels like it's grabbing but not grabbing right like if it's skipping while it's trying to grab its weird. I will shoot a video and upload to YouTube to make it easier to troubleshoot.
2013-07-30 13:42:44
Clutch is out, still slipping like an asshole :x, throw out bearing went bad too, its still driveable (i drive it daily) but it slips when u try giving it power so getting a new clutch.

Looking to buying this: 3000410 - ACT Performance Street Clutch Disc (SS): NLM

Any reviews on it ? Opinions ? I'm not trying to go crazy just get the car running good and to 300whp, still planning on using my clutchmasters pressure plate and i will be ordering an act throw out bearing also. Is still a good clutch for a daily driven car ?
2013-07-30 15:22:18
I would go with a 6 puck act over a street disk or try a clutch master clutch. I've always used Timken or national (oem) throw out bearing. I like Timken better. Also maybe a spec clutch. There's one floating around.
2013-07-30 21:16:34
2013-08-16 19:20:35
Spec is what it had, looking to get as close to stock feeling on the pedal, clutchmasters is what it has on it right now so i dont want to go back that route... Might get a Spec if i dont get that ACT, really just looking to get it on the road running strong to finish it up (valve job coming soon), then prolly for next summer i'll upgrade if i really have to, is this clutch good enough for daily driving or not ? Also i will get the Timken throw out bearing as u said it works better (clutchmasters felt bad since day 1, i dont get it)

FX500 = too expensive for what i need it for
2013-08-16 19:48:54
id never recommend a kelvar disc. I had one a long time ago, and I hated it for anything other than cruising.

But my guess is with it being so tight and slipping when you boosted, it overheated, glazed over, and there was probably no chance it was going to "grab" sufficiently again.

If you posted it yet.. i havent noticed, but whats your goal/power level that you intend for the next clutch?
2013-08-16 20:14:33
looking to handle 350 ft/lbs of torque so i could upgrade turbo and no need to upgrade turbo, even if it handles 300 whp is good enough, its my DD not going too crazy on it for now, just need it to be reliable.
2013-08-25 15:26:31
You should of hit me up sooner.
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