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Thread: paraonid about bearing tolerences ACL race

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2013-03-03 16:41:38
paraonid about bearing tolerences ACL race
so I built up the bottom end to Plastiguage the mains,

I followed the torque down procedure in the FSM 38lbft then 45degs but I did it with DRY un oiled main bolts
so doing it gave me these results.

now they are under the maximum of 0.050mm at 0.038-0.04 but abit loose compared to the 0.004 to 0.022 they are apparently standard..

I am led to believe that oiling the bolts is required and will increase the clamping force as your removing some of the friction.

the crank is standard sized I checked the mains with a micrometre and they are all 55mm exactly..

I will be running a VVL oil pump which will should keep good pressure with the looser bearings and means I have a bigger cushion of oil to help prevent spinning a bearing

so am I being to paranoid or should I just shut up bolt it down and run it?
2013-03-03 19:12:39
These are race bearings, and have a little more oil clearance built in. It may be necessary to run thicker oil to compensate. This isn't a bad thing, as these engines output are pushed way beyond factory levels. The VVL pump will supply plenty of oil, and pressure should also be good. But I wouldn't recommend running 5w30. 5w40 diesel is good. And for race days you may want to use something thicker to maintain proper pressures if an oil cooler isn't used.
2013-03-03 19:46:29
thanks for that Coheed, I am swaying towards 10W40 I was running 15W40 and I am not planning on running much over stock power
2013-03-03 21:29:22
That is fine, as coheed says race bearings have more clearance built into them.
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