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Thread: Feels like not going anywhere / exhaust leak.. maybe gasket ?

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2013-02-11 14:50:06
Feels like not going anywhere / exhaust leak.. maybe gasket ?
So i finish putting my car to the road yesterday, i live in CT so we got snow, a little snow i saw got into the hole where the axle goes (i had to install an axle yesterday and i left the car on jack stands for a few days so the snow hit it while on the jack stand) So i took it for a ride and the car felt like it accelerates but its not going anywhere, like the speedometer moves up but the car is not going the speed it says, i had to keep aceelerating to get to the actual speed it says... it could be due to wet floor but it was ridiculous how long it took the car to actually catch speed so im worrying about maybe the clutch failing ? Also the car has a small leak coming from the J pipe, that gasket i know is shot but i still put it on, never gave me a problem before so never th ought it would now (i drove the car like that before and it worked fine, not out of a sudden it's not doing it... did it get worst with the cold ?)

Just trying to find out if i should start looking at new clutches or what... the car runs fine even with the leak but it doesnt build boost until high rpm's pretty much only if you beat on it... Trying to find out if my car is fine or if i have a major problem coming my way

NOTE: I thought it was my clutch, but my clutch really ran fine before the snow.... what else could it be ?
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2013-02-11 16:16:30
maybe it's black ice?
2013-02-11 17:07:52
fix your exhaust leak first. to test the clutch get on the highway and roll in to 4th gear. if the rpms still shoot up then the clutch might be bad. The ground temps might also be causing traction issues. I know as soon as it gets around 40 deg my car gets no traction until 4th. when its warmer out side I have traction in 3rd.
2013-02-11 17:22:27
Jackpot! my car runs good when in 4th gear, only the first three was giving me issues last night unless i was pushing it (black ice was around tho) i will try again sometime this week as it will be a little warmer and update you guys with the issue and whats going on, it sounds like its just a temp problem though, clutch never really acted up until now so i'll double check on all that, thanks for your reponses.
2013-02-19 12:06:20
Ok just checked out the car yesterday, the exhaust manifold gasket that goes to the turbo (4 bolts) is done. That's why i'm not building boost, is it safe to drive this car like this or should i wait until that gasket arrives to move it ?
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