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Thread: Best turbo to use on a standard SR20VE engine.

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2012-08-27 22:01:43
ive gone smaller before as most stores dont carry a 1/2" npt tap and the matching drill bit. Ive gone 3/8" npt without any problems and most places carry them.

I would try to source the 1/2" npt if you can, maybe online or something but as a last resort that is always an option. Fitting was a 3/8 npt to 1/2" barb and again never had an issue. Put it this way, its not any smaller than whats coming out of the turbo itself. lol
2012-08-28 06:22:53
Okay thanks, will possibly just order online.

Okay just to keep you up to date.
Parts I have so far for the build.

Hks F con pro gold standalone management
Hks front mount intercooler and pipework
turbo - Gt3082r (gt30/gt40r)/ Gt3040r- 409722-26 - A/R .70 / EC-1 /M24
external wastegate
apexi dump valve
3" mandrel bent exhaust
Gti-r down pipe- may modify for custom elbow/ downpipe
10 pot tarox brakes
dp tubular mainfold- will I have any issues as it is slightly cracked- see in picture..

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2012-08-28 06:28:58
Parts to source

tapping block tools/ barb
uprated fuel pump
gagues- boost, oil, water
custom elbow- adapter etc/ downpipe
turbo, oil, fitting lines

injectors-already purple 200sx sr20det ones or do i need higher?
2012-08-28 07:59:44
I'm pretty newby when it comes to turbo stuff, but I dont like the crack in the manifold, or the way it attaches to the manifold. I hope you didn't pay much for that stuff..

btw whats with the wastegate and bov? they look like something you would need an archeologist to identify, wheres Benito?

Everything else looks ok though!
2012-08-28 08:13:31
Purple 200sx (rwd) is only 370cc, I would get bigger ones
2012-08-28 08:56:35
Well, if we say the exchange rate is £1 = US $ 1.5779 - I paid £1000 = $1577.
This was for the turbo kit, wastegate, dump valve, intercooler and pipework, including turbo intake pipe.
Thinking if the mainfold can be re welded at the cracks?
Should I stick with it or return it?

P.s once fitted the turbo kit and wastegate with dump valve will look similar to this set up.- But obviously on an SR20VE engine not Gtir- sr20det as shown.

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2012-08-28 09:00:55
you paid WAAAYY to much lol esp with the cracked manifold and ancient wastegate an bov. i've got about the same into my turbo setup, but i got alot more stuff..

again, IMO thats poor wastegate fitment.. but what do i know..
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2012-08-28 09:09:41
Be it all ancient the stuff will still work, came off a 500 gti-r. P.s just like the Hks F con unit, old skool but still a great piece of kit.

The turbo alone brand new is 1300gbp and turbo jacket 200+gbp.
To get the manifold new 500gbp, wastegate 300gbp, intercoller 400gbp

So all brand new 1300+200+500+300+400=2700gbp/ 4261usd

I sold my jmr header for 500gbp/ 789 usd and was going to get N1 cams if staying N/a, so see this as more or less a straight swap.
Will possibly claim damages as it had insurance. Then just repair.
Last edited by andy sunny gti on 2012-08-28 at 09-11-58.
2012-08-28 09:19:55
man... i feel sorry for you guys over seas sometimes.. you pay sooo much for stuff..

take all the heat wrap off and inspect the rest of the manifold, i bet it looks like poop. i wouldn't have paid much for that thing at all. also used turbos usually dont sell for a whole lot, cause who knows how they were treated an such.. i also think that 500hp is probably a crank measurement, and not at the wheels like how we do over here.

i'm not at liberty to discuss how much i paid for stuff, but i got: turbo, manifold, wastegate, bov, sti injectors, auto meter gauges(boost, oil pres, oil temp, water temp), downpipe, intercooler and some other random stuff for about the price you paid.

i do hope it works well for you though, just get that manifold fixed and take the thing to someone who can tune it or your going to be back on here selling stuff.
2012-08-28 09:24:13
Okay cool, Yes 500bhp at the flywheel/ crank.
Will see how it goes then..
Last edited by andy sunny gti on 2012-08-28 at 09-27-35.
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