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Thread: Pics and Vids of S13 setup B13

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2007-12-17 14:50:18
did u drop the motor in yourself? Very good job with the classic sounds great
2007-12-17 18:09:46
i do all my own work myself. motor, cams, turbo, tuning. 100% built not bought. and thats the way i like it. haha And just for kicks i ran it on my friends g tech meter, the newer one out and ran with him in the car i managed a 13.4 @113mph he was pretty impressed. did two passes but had no traction in first and second gear as always. other run was a 13.5 cuz i bogged for a split second off the line when i tried to launch at 2k rpms haha. but the trap speed was again 113 mph
2008-01-04 12:58:39
well only got to make one pass, didnt go well guys. my rear motor mount bracket along with the bolts broke two chunks out of my tranny and stripped out the longer 14mm bolt on the bottom.

Got a decent launch but when i punched it in first, wheel hopped badly and the transmission popped out of first gear, tried to put it in second and then tried to go thinking it was in but just reved so i stuck it in 3rd gear at about 25mph and punched it and made it down the track all the way through third and fourth gear. crossed the line and got my slip. 16.4@105mph basicly starting in 3rd gear. Not a good day being its a 3 hour drive to the track.

The bracket was all bent where the thin part goes up to the 17mm bolt being thats all that was holding it up in the back. shifter was all out of place. so i took down the crossmember and bent the bracket back into place and got the one long 14mm bolt to go in but the threads were pulled out, the two bolts for the rear-most upper mount bolts were gone along with two chunks from around the bolt threads. Got the one bolt back in just basicly in there and drove it the 3 hours home babying it to keep the bolt from backing out.

To say the least its a stupid design for high hp sr setups being the casing on the tranny is really thin and weak around the mounting points so i will be taking a 1/4" piece of steel and welding it to the rear mount bracket and utilizing the two 17mm bolts on the back that go through the block then into the tranny for the main support. no bolts will be put back into the tranny portion of the mount bracket so that no stress will be applied to the tranny case via the mount. Im tired of these stupid weak trannies. but from what ive noticed they tend to crack at the rear mount bolt points so i figure this is a pretty good idea to take the stress off the tranny when shock is applied. the steel and 2 17mm bolts should be more than adiquite enough to easily support and take any shock that is applied through the drivetrain. im surprised that from what ive seen on the forum that noone else has modified their rear motor mount bracket to do that. its one of the weakest points on the tranny.

I will post up pics with the end result of the bracket so that if anyone else wants to make one for thiers they can. It should definetly take some of the worry out of cracking the tranny.
2008-01-04 21:33:14
thats was peters transmission right? wow that lasted like a week...lol
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