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Thread: How much is a super sentra?

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2012-05-27 21:52:07
I personally would part out. I did the same with one of my DET P10's, I simply didn't want anyone else driving my hard work.

I have been quietly following this thread and would be sad to see it go.
2012-05-27 21:53:54
Quite sad we put so much time and money into these cars and they are worth so little.

I'd say someone would pay $7500-8000 for your car.

2012-05-27 21:58:46
Jeremy, it sucks to see you contemplating selling the car. Soo much money, time, and such good parts into your build to see it go away. I understand people move on though. I could never see selling my car off. Been in it too long, too much money, and its just too much fun. It sucks to see one little thing take out your build.

BTW did you check your throttle body screw to see if it might have gotten sucked in causing the bent valve. Especially since its just one bent valve im thinking you sucked something up man. If so, dont let something so stupid get you down about it. Get it fixed and get it back out there and enjoy it again.

I would say for your car 8500-9k is a good starting point.
2012-05-27 22:06:56
Ya, I didn't check the TB screw. I will probably see it when I pull the head off. I don't think it came loose though because I glued them in place. I will be fixing the head though. I will let you guys know what happened as I learn.
2012-05-27 22:08:48

That is one way to look at it I guess (not wanting someone else to drive your masterpiece)
2012-05-27 22:13:05
I agree with Aston, if you are contemplating selling because of a setback then I think it will not be the same as you selling because you are ready to close this chapter and move on with routine daily life.
You have spent a lot but also gained Lot of knowledge and enjoyed the ride and stuck with it through setbacks, knowledge has no price.
I say if anything take some time off and collect the parts to repair and at the same time collect your mind on what you want.
Personally I made a mistake once of selling my car once and was lucky to trade it back.she won't be leaving anytime soon, I'm sr20 and Nissan to the fullest.
GL on your decision.
2012-05-27 22:26:41
Telling you right now as you see the person driving away with your car you are going to feel sick in the stomach. I did when I sold my Z32.
2012-05-27 22:27:39
you'll never get 8k for the car...unless someone on here really really wants it. You'd be lucky to get 5k for it. I personally don't give more than what a car is worth and very rarely buy something that someone else has done serious wrenching on. Usually end up fixing all the hacks. Not saying that yours is that way at all, but that's just the general consensus on most modified cars.

There is that modified marketplace or whatever though...
2012-05-27 22:27:45
My wife doesn't think I will sell it, and she's probably right. But these little setbacks keep me from enjoying the car, or being able to rely on it. It would be different if I didn't have to pass state I/M. That is a bit tricky to pass every year with non-stock engines. I have managed to get through this for so many years though.

I'll fix the car, and sit on it. Drive it, enjoy it. When it's all fixed, I will debate what I wanna do.
2012-05-27 22:37:37
what state do you live in?

Some states have exemptions you can make use of (show car only, antique, race car only as examples)

Here in Illinois the one thing I've made use of us a 1-time 6 month extension allowed to postpone a test but we only have to test for 1996 and newer here.
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