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Thread: 20V vs N1 turbo comparo blabbery

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2012-04-24 18:22:25
I will not be testing cam timing, this will be a direct swapover on cams. Though some gains will be available with cam timing, it is just too time consuming to dial in each set.

I have but a few hours of dyno time to test both sets on low boost and high boost. Any other testing will require someone else with more expertise and time on their hands.
2012-04-25 07:08:46
Cams are here guys. I will be trying to get all dyno runs completed tomorrow... er today now. I will post plenty of pics, don't you worry. Everything will be broken down in the coming days. I am hoping I can get testing done within a few hours. Dyno on 12psi and ~19psi (however high the boost controller will allow.)

I will start each dyno run at 2000rpm and rev to a cut of around 8500rpm. This will give us the whole picture in the 20V vs N1 debate. The 20V should win in low-end delivery as well as above 8k rpm. I'll just have to see.
2012-04-25 07:17:42
So if the n1's keep climbing and pulling are you going to consider reving it out higher than 8500, Id imagine you will see the power still climbing or not taper. Maybe go to at aleast 9k Id imagine with your setup the n1's would still make power to well out past 9k. Id definitely like to see where they hold to.
2012-04-25 07:19:12
Id like to see a 9500 rpm pull with the n1's if they are still making power. I know youve reved your 20v's out to 9200.

BTW I cant wait to see the results. Should put to rest the question.
2012-04-25 07:57:42
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2012-04-25 08:58:04
I will rev each cam to the point where it stops making power. I don't see either cam really making power passed 8500rpm with the 6262 and a stock head/IM. But if it does, even better.

I really don't see the N1 making power that high with this turbo, I feel like any 1.6 cam after 8000 will dive pretty quick as bp builds. I could be wrong, this is all just assumption at this point. Remember, the JWT timing map goes static at 8k.
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2012-04-25 13:25:08
Coheed is your ECU rev cut at 8500? If so then it would be hard to rev any higher then that without a retune .
2012-04-25 13:27:56
No i believe he is using other means for a rev limiter. Hes on a jwt ecu with the limiter removed if im not mistaken.
2012-04-25 15:42:28
Yes, I have an MSD streetfire ignition limiter. It was set to 9200rpm, but I recently bumped back down to 8800rpm since power seems to flatten out at 8500. But the dyno will show me a bit more about power delivery and where to set the limiter.
2012-04-25 17:41:38
Anticipation is killing me! You suck being 2-3 hours behind too, means I wont see it during the day

Also you should drive around with the N1 and see how it is, dyno numbers are good and all, but they don't always tell you how well it drives on the street.
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