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Thread: my turbo

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2012-04-14 02:04:56
my turbo
has in out shaft play... I'd say it has about 1/8" in/out. How much longer do you think it has?
2012-04-17 00:22:22
2012-04-17 00:46:16
If it has that much shaft play have it rebuilt now.
2012-04-17 02:20:24
Yea, if it starts to chew the compressor housing you will be replacing the whole thing. The blades don't last long.
2012-04-17 04:44:44
^^^ this
2012-04-18 06:40:01
I'm getting really sick of this fuckin car and all it's bullshit. This would make turbo number two that's it's destroyed plus I still can't get the cocksucker to run right... Oh and I also can't find a rebuild kit for the ball bearing t2 turbos... What a joke...
2012-04-18 06:40:49
It hasn't destroyed the turbo yet. It still works. It's been sitting.
2012-04-29 06:33:57
you should see if its cooling right or if theres oil going through it keeps ruining turbos. or get a turbo timer so its not spinning without oil runnin through. and as far as it goes for not getting it to run right just start askin everyone questions and post about whats goin on with your car. i have and its helped alot. i even found a guy thats near me so i could see everything he did and replicate it so mine ran right.
2012-04-29 07:10:52
Good luck getting a rebuild kit for a BB turbo they dont exist like a unicorn ! Second do u have the right restriction in the oil feed and also what psi are you running and what size turbo is it ? Some people say BB turbos dont need a timer like jurnal bearing as long as you run coolant lines threw them but dont hold me to it .
2012-05-03 04:33:29
It's probably because I don't have a restrictor in it. I had heard that they had one built in so I didn't bother getting one. T25 7psi oil and water cooled.
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