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Thread: SR20DET from JWT C1 to C2 with GT2860RS. Good or bad idea?

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2012-03-28 09:32:53
Thats because you have a T2 turbo and big cams and/or are running too much boost.

S4's are good turbo cams. You start getting into the C series that have more overlap you need to have a good flowing turbo setup aka T3 or bigger.

Same reason why sr16 cams are not that good of an idea on a t2 powered car. Yes you will see gains in places and topend but you increase heat left in the combustion chamber during high backpressure situations at higher boost levels.

Only time I would recommend using a large overlap cam on a t2 setup would be if your running E85 or water/meth injection that will cool the cylinders and air temp down. Other than that. Big cams on a small turbo setup is asking for trouble.
2012-03-28 14:56:39
^^^^truth, even im going to be running s4 cams on my t3 for that same reason, dont want to run into any problems with det.
2012-03-31 01:19:29
Although I'm not turbo I have c2 cams. You can get cam gears and adjust what you need to get what you want from it. I have my cams set at -4 int/ +4 exh, the car idles very smoothly at 700rpm. Torque from 1500-3500 is worse but after 4000 it starts to haul ass. With boost you can dial out overlap to achieve what you want, and advance or retard the torque as well.

Originally Posted by Wolf_SER

I currently have a SR20DET with stock internals where I installed a set of JWT C1 cams, ARP studs on head and VVL headgasket. It has a JWT computer programmed for turbo, nismo 740cc and Z32 maf. Engine is being pushed with an original Garrett GT2860RS (coach potatoe)

The car feels pretty well and push real had, idle feels pretty stock with the C1 and it can be used for daily drive without hesitation...

When I bought the C1, I had S4 and Ben Pila from JWT, when I asked I wanted to change to bigger cam, that it was better to go with the C1 instead of the C2 so I bought the C1 with S&R from them

Now, I am wondering and thinking about if I did the right choice or not and as a forum member is selling a set of C2 it might be a good time to go to this upgrade unless being told by mayority no to do so.

What do you think?

2015-11-19 09:26:18
Just to update this my detonation issues were for a bad tune where I had A/F ranging from 12.5 to 13.0 so you can imagine why the high egt temps. After fixing the tune not a single problem has happened with detonation and C1 have ran great with a GT2871R
2015-11-19 13:16:40
That's good to know for future reference

Have a dyno plot you would like to post??
2016-02-10 01:36:20
Originally Posted by Boostlee
That's good to know for future reference

Have a dyno plot you would like to post??

Not yet. After doing some data logging I can see timing is very conservative as tune is for 91 octane but car still pulls really hard. My a/f are now 10.8 to 11.3 and not a single problem has arise since then. T2 gt2871 internal wastegate @18 psi egt are 1450 to 1500 at wot and engine temps are always in range never beyond 203F with a Koyo Rad and engine has been running great since then.
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