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Thread: Jc's turbo build

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2012-03-20 03:47:05
If you're going for 500whp or something insane, might as well get the Mazworx head studs. VET headgasket can accept up to 87mm pistons.

2012-03-20 04:31:15
Cam caps. No I'm looking for 3-4 HP. Nothing too insane. Reliable and streetable. I talked to Greg and he said that vet doesn't support 87mm :/
2012-03-20 06:15:08
Ahh something similar happened to my cam caps too, got mixed up. Fortunately for me my VE head had all the Intake cam caps marked with an "I". Both intake and exhaust caps were numbered with 1 being closest to the crank, and the only go on one way. Hope you can sort them out :/
2012-03-20 06:31:42
Ve caps are numbered and labeled I for intake and so on. DE caps however are not numbered and have markings on them representing where they go. If im not mistaken the intake caps still have an I on them if i remember correctly but i do not know which caps go where as far as representation to the markings on them.

All I can say is best of luck, Ive had mine get mixed up before and i just bolted them on and made sure there were no misalignments of the bores and was good to go and didnt see any unusual wear from it.
2012-07-21 00:40:16
so bringing this from the dead, went with a slightly different route:

vet pistons instead of wiseco pistons
ve head
vet head gasket

im still keeping it in that order, so far so good. a couple more months at most. hopefully will get her running before the end of the summer
2012-08-02 23:13:04
Arp head studs and VE head gasket here...no issues thus far boosting the crap outta my little t25 as much as possible for the last 20k miles. Spiking 14+ psi, holding 10 psi as of lately.

I also mixed up the cam caps on my de, they aren't marked. I took it to a machine shop where he said how he'd go about pitting them in order would be with a magnifying glass and some patience. He said every cap will match its location like a puzzle with hairline wear markings from the cams.
2012-08-02 23:14:05
Need any help bud gimme a shout. I built mine in my kitchen! :-)
2012-08-08 18:50:16
yeah buddy, well i was in the junk yard today just roaming around on my day off bored as ever so i found a p11 with an egr that i could use for my p11. on my way out i see some guy that has a b15 on the stand ripping the motor out as i was walking out, in the corner of my eye i see a slave cylinder so i run over and asked him if hes taking the tranny and he said no, i walk up to the counter and ask the guy how much for that tranny on the floor over there and he said xxx dollars and i was like ill take it. so i walked outta there with a rr tranny. guess on how much i paid for it.

2012-08-08 19:12:59
2012-08-08 23:27:46
nice find!

two dollars (see what I did there?)

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