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Thread: SR20 ve+t HELP!

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2012-03-23 12:51:00
Originally Posted by Boostlee
You see, when people make this assumption, they fail to realize that when the gearbox was running "good" they could have done (or been doing) serious damage during this period and for it to "break" would have been one more pull at a much lower torque level. Essentially, this is an assumption which holds no water in gearbox reliability

Can someone confirm; the SR16 box is not much stronger than a B14 lsd box, correct??

Yes, hence why I managed to break 3rd gear on a P11 stack on only 10psi boost.... days after doing 3rd gear rolling burnouts.

But when I broke 4th, it was the first pull on high boost. The boost onset came on so quick, when it peaked out she let go. I figured the tires would go up if anything... didn't think the gearbox would break. You just don't hear of 4th going on the P11 transmissions, or 2nd for that matter.

The SR16 box is the same as the B14/P10 etc. It just has different ratios.
2012-03-23 17:35:44
What size rims you guys running and what gear oil also
2012-03-23 17:50:47
It really dont have to do with rims, while 85w140 gear oil will help make it last longer its the sheer weight of the car that will cause issues as you wont be as prone to spinning and/or will require more torque to break the tires loose which then puts more load on the gears.

Redline Shockproof wont do you any good and matter fact its actually a pretty crappy oil to use in our transmissions. Its proven that it doesnt have very good lubrication properties.

Try using Valvoline conventional or durablend 85w140. I use it in any turbo fwd sr making more than about 275-300whp. It really does work and tops any other gear oil out there so far. Trust me.
2012-03-23 18:25:09
Originally Posted by dwanted1
Sorry about the bad info the gearbox was a sr16 LSD gearbox
That makes much more sense. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble.
2014-07-07 04:14:20
What's the latest with this project and whose doing the tuning?
I'm from Trinidad also
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