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Thread: A little help plz?

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2012-01-31 19:27:46
M8 x 1.25 pitch. I know just cause just went and picked up the studs at ATPturbo. They also sell some copper looking locking nuts. Very interesting to say the least, have to see how it goes. Tired of seeing those nuts back out.

2012-01-31 20:53:19
Copper locking nuts work very well and are cheap insurance that the nuts don't back off. Of course, locktite the studs in place also. As for what happened, it is pretty common... There is a lot of heat that those nuts and studs see so they become fatigued quickly with stock, old hardware.
2012-01-31 22:35:01
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

The studs have two different thread pitch. One for the casting, and one for the nut. Get the right parts. ATP Turbo might be the easiest place to find them if not the cheapest.

I knew there was something important to know about these annoying studs. The nuts do love to back off too.
2012-02-01 01:11:43
i just ordered a set of 25 copper locking nuts the other day, thanks to vadim for letting me know about them

also i think securing the DP so the exhaust weight isn't hanging off the turbo might be a good idea..
2012-02-01 03:25:41
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

also i think securing the DP so the exhaust weight isn't hanging off the turbo might be a good idea..

I've been thinking that for a while, though I haven't had any trouble keeping it on since I put lock washers on the nuts
2012-02-01 22:28:24
Ok, so I went to get some bolts till my studs get in. 8M X 1.25 pitch was wiggling out, I tried in all 3 and they were just barely too small. So I tried 10M X 1.25 pitch and they wouldn't even fit in...any thoughts on what I should try guys?? Thanks
2012-02-01 23:33:11
your threads are prob shit hence why the j pipe fell off. Prob have to helicoil the turbo or tap it bigger unfortunately.
2012-02-02 00:29:16

Im missing 3 studs off of my turbo, will these work for me too?
2012-02-03 10:10:27
sorry for rude bump, any answers por favor?
2012-02-04 00:59:40
yes, they are the same
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