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Thread: Your idea of the Perfect Intake manifold for a t25

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2012-01-28 00:28:01
Your idea of the Perfect Intake manifold for a t25
To start off I have read every single thread and post on the subject of Intake manifolds that I could find on the Dash and on the other sr20forum and also hondatech. What I want with this thread is to find out your opinions on what the perfect all around Intake manifold for a basic bolt on sr20 with a t25, or even a t28/rs.

One last thing if you will please keep this thread clean and uncluttered by only posting relevant information it would be greatly appreciated, I was forced to read through hundreds of useless post to find any worthwhile information on Intake manifold design.
2012-01-28 00:52:27
Plenum design: Center entrance, no right angles, mushroom shaped cross-section.
Plenum volume: Approximately 2.0L
Velocity stacks: yes
Length of runners: Equal length, approximately 6".
Angle of expansion for runners: 7 degrees.

However, it's all in the details.
2012-01-28 17:12:57
Davy you might want to try searching google instead of this board for such things. There are all kinds of calculators, and design theory pages from engineers out there with much more information. You aren't going to find a perfect design from here, only useful tips. The perfect intake is going to take some math and a lot of building testing, and rebuilding. Especially for a little t25, because everyone goes with a bigger turbo if they make their own. For optimum results you are going to have to size intake runner size, throttle body....and so on to the flow your motor is making.
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