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Thread: I need help guys,

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2011-11-30 21:34:36
i'm just worried that i'm either going to get a race clutch that breaks from me daily driving it or me getting a clutch thats daily drive-able but slips cause its not strong enough
2011-11-30 21:41:10
well i can tell you from what i seen ,my mechanic has a beater b14 has 280,000 miles rougly on it , original miles anyways he has a act 6puck non sprung disc and everything else is stock he's been daily that clutch for 2 yrs now in the car no probs and it still grabs aggressive he about to boost the car for the heck of it so well see how it is after its on boost but i guess its gonna boil down to quality ACT from what i understand makes really good clutch kits probably gonna get one after mines craps out that probably be your best bet
2011-12-01 04:03:31
Clutchmasters FX 400 or 500 6 puck. I just broke in my FX400, and it's insane how hard it grabs, and like everyone else has said, not heavy on the pedal. I can tell just a little that it's not a stock clutch by the feel of the pedal. Buy one, and you will have no regrets.
2011-12-01 14:25:16
i think i might get one of these to but i was looking at the fx 500 and it says it not for daily driving??
2011-12-01 17:01:42
Originally Posted by b00stinG20t
i think i might get one of these to but i was looking at the fx 500 and it says it not for daily driving??

For daily driving, I'd go with the 400. The 500 (unsprung) has much harsher engagement and will engage/disengage almost instantly. It is more for track use where minimal slippage is paramount. The 500 will hold like crazy, but can get overwhelming for daily driving. The 400 costs more, but I believe you will be much happier with it.

Shop around, and you can find the 400 at lower prices. After breaking in my 400, I changed out springs in my wastegate, and set it back to 21 psi. The 400 holds every bit of it, and it's not a chore to drive. I have had an ACT 6 puck, and an Exedy clutch before. I am much happier with the fx400.
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2011-12-01 17:20:18
I have 3 friends all with 200sx's and they all have 6 puck unsprung fx500 and have no problems at all daily driving the car.
2011-12-01 23:19:54
this makes me alot more comfortable, thanks guys i'm gonna order the fx500 next week i'll let you guys know how i like it. i have one more question, i know this is extremly off topic BUT what alternator do i use on a bluebird sr20det i thought they would have been the same as the sr20de but my buddy has a 95 200sx se-r and i looked at his and its totally different he has a clip that plugs into it mine are all bolted down.
2011-12-02 03:26:19
got a fx500 unsprung in my track car...love it.
2011-12-04 20:38:35
2011-12-04 21:29:46
pm sent
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