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Thread: Back in the game.... Going VE-T....

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2011-11-04 16:39:03
Back in the game.... Going VE-T....
What's up everyone? Been awhile... Well my over 4 yr long disgust of my NX is over and we made up its time to give her a new heart as I'm tired of trying to get the one she has to run right. Some of you might remember her from all those years ago:
Since then I never got her to run right all the work and time I put into the car only for it to never run up to full potential. So I parked her in the garage and quit on her for awhile. Well life and responsibility took its toll and here we are 4-5 years later ready to make things right. The plan is to go with a gti-r bottom end, VE head with a gt35r. I just purchased a VE head from a forum member, I already have a gti-r bottom end I plan to rebuild I have a trial waste gate ford cobra maf and some other items. As I am gathering parts for a build I hope to achieve 450-500 hp for. I was looking to see what your opinions and suggestions might be so far I have gathered I need to machine the head for the gti-r head bolts, thicker gasket to bring compression back to near gti-r original compression, change the gti-r pistons to better pistons (open to suggestions) from what I have read the gti-r are stout enough for the power. So now I'm at the head any suggestions? Valves? Springs? Retainers? Cams? Injectors? Etc... I'm willing to spend the cash but I carry a "if it ain't broke don't fix it attitude" basically I want to upgrade only if it's necessary. All opinions would be much appreciated.
2011-11-04 16:44:28
Annnnnnd I think I posted in the wrong section..... Lol
2011-11-04 21:29:51
Did you check out coheeds VE+T thread yet? its in the turbo section. It's has SC6262 it the title.
2011-11-05 01:03:55
I remember this car. Its immaculate. Sorry its been a bit disappointing.
2011-11-06 01:01:19
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
Did you check out coheeds VE+T thread yet? its in the turbo section. It's has SC6262 it the title.

Nope can't say I have I'll check it out tho... Thanks!
2011-11-08 02:49:53
No suggestions but good luck, I bet that will be a fun car if you get it running right!
2011-11-08 21:51:48
Didn't think you still owned it. Good to see you kept her around. Better luck this time bro. I know my old pulsar motor gave me nothing but headaches but it loved more and more boost. I'll keep my eyes on this!
2011-11-09 04:33:53
Sound's like a great build! Goodluck!
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