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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-04-28 04:23:12
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

Vadim are you still using your turbo blanket? did you notice any differences?

I'm not no, it's meant for a much bigger exhaust housing then even my T3 had.

Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

I am thinking about doing one of them plates that go between the grill an rad support to help flow through the radiator a well as the heat shield and possibly a turbo blanket.

I would definitely look into doing this, I am planning on doing it too if I can't run stock fans.

Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

Also what are your guys thoughts on wrapping the hot side pipe that goes over the exhaust mani?

This is a very good idea, for this reason I like to clock my turbo down but to get her running quick I just clocked it up.

Originally Posted by Keo
I could've sworn Vadim did it. I mean i owned it like 5 times. and it didn't look that way until I got it back from Vadim.

Nah I didn't have time to do anything with it.
2012-04-29 04:11:37
Originally Posted by SentraThis96
I really like the boost gauge on the steering wheel and the wideband, is that in a P11? Any more info on how you mounted them would be sweet

B15, do you see the LED between the speedo and tach? When it's lite it's on high boost!!

Here's the switch for it

Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
Hit refresh i added another pic bro..

But yea, I'm very thankful for Keo helping me an giving me such a kick ass deal! I didn't get All his good parts, you would be surprised to find out what all he has left but good luck getting a deal of the century

Stop reminding me, I'm still regretting it
Last edited by Keo on 2012-04-29 at 04-15-10.
2012-04-29 07:20:57
That's so sick hahahaha^
2012-05-04 01:35:00
looks good, enjoy it!
2012-05-10 03:15:22
I put some Redline Water Wetter in today, as well as wrapped the hot side pipe with some summit racing heat reflective tape.

It was a bit colder today then it has been but even still it seemed to help quite a bit. I am actually able to grab that pipe now, its hot, but not enough for burn me. Before there was no way I could grab that pipe, I could barely even touch it for more then a second. The hood also stays alot cooler. Also the cold side pipes are actually cold when I get out an pop the hood real quick, before they were just kind of ambient temp. I think I'm going to get more of that tape stuff tho an wrap that pipe some more.. I didnt get to wrap the whole thing like I wanted so I will get like 2 more rolls of the stuff an really go over it good.

As for the water wetter, I noticed that my cruising temps were alot more stable, it would hover about the 180 mark alot more and stay there longer in stop an go traffic as well as cool back down once i started moving. Before if I wasn't doin like 40mph it was over 200. I think the 2 things I did work hand in hand to help with cooling, but I'm seriously condiering some kind of hood vents or something.
2012-05-10 05:21:12
what kind of rad are you using?
2012-05-10 05:23:04
Stock for now, its on the list of things I'm going to change though.

I've got some other goodies on their way, but thats for my other thread. stay tuned
2012-05-10 06:46:02
cool, i know where there are some $90 all aluminum rads that are 10mm thincker than stock and have big end tanks. dont get it wrong, its no koyo but i think of it as a in-between. cant beat the price
2012-05-10 07:08:42
I got my p10 an all aluminum rad a while back, think I paid like $130 shipped or something like that.. I think that's what I'm going to get for my car also.

My overall plan for the cooling system are:
All aluminum rad
Better fan(s)
cooling plate (the one that goes between the grill an rad suport)
Water wetter

And if need be a hole or scoop or something in the hood.
Last edited by lynchfourtwenty on 2012-05-10 at 07-12-11.
2012-05-10 11:50:35
larger radiator would fix all of that, no water wetter needed. love the build bro, +1 on the hood vent..works wonders!
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