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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-04-27 22:59:26
Ah I see! Looks like you got all the good parts for your build!
2012-04-27 23:01:54
Hit refresh i added another pic bro..

But yea, I'm very thankful for Keo helping me an giving me such a kick ass deal! I didn't get All his good parts, you would be surprised to find out what all he has left but good luck getting a deal of the century
2012-04-27 23:03:27
I want a GT2871
2012-04-27 23:05:22
Originally Posted by Keo
not my work, but I did sell it and going to do it a little different.

I really like the boost gauge on the steering wheel and the wideband, is that in a P11? Any more info on how you mounted them would be sweet
2012-04-27 23:05:44
I might be a cheap ass when it comes to alot of things, but when it came to my turbo build I tried to get quality shit, but for as cheap as I possibly could lol! I'm a shopper man, I search an search to find the best deals, I love summit racing, I often find exactly what I need for cheaper then anywhere else, an sometimes its name brand shit. Like the K&N filters, I got mine for way less including shipping then I could any where local. I hate buyin something then finding it the next day for less.
2012-04-27 23:09:26
Originally Posted by SentraThis96
I want a GT2871

If I ever decide to get rid of this turbo it goes back to Keo if he wants it, after that Vadims got dibs and if he don't want it Blairellis has dibs. So stand in line motha fucka!
2012-04-27 23:14:11
Yeah iirc, Nate though of the design while he was at a urinal next to a mirror.

This turbo will be mine if you get rid of it. No lines behind me, I wouldn't be a parts whore if there was!
2012-04-27 23:18:31
I've got over 1000 miles on this baby I'm really happy with the setup as far as reliability, knock on wood but nothings really givin me a hard time like I see some people having... Maybe they're doin it wrong? lol
2012-04-27 23:21:59
Once and while you get the urge to go big and the fades then comes back. Should've gotten that TT vette, 10psi scared me shitless.
2012-04-27 23:29:53
start upping that boost and tuning
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