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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-03-06 22:28:00
Thanks for looking!
Not to thread jack, but not yet... have to wait on uncle sam to get my tax return money. Sadly, I ran out of money... still need like $400 in parts not counting dyno time...
2012-03-06 22:46:14
I'll PM you so no further thread jacking occurs. I like the amount of people going VE-T! Off the top of my head I can think of almost 10 people on the forums doing it or that have done it!
2012-03-07 03:08:45
Originally Posted by dracer35
So you have everything except a full downpipe? Sounds like you are about ready to be getting busy! You could run a partial downpipe for a little while if you didn't mind it being a little loud lol.

Hurry up, I want to see some videos of this thing making some boost!

yeah i mind it bein loud lol, like i said before im not going to half ass it together lol.

Originally Posted by Teal97
all that plumbing looks a bit on the complicated side. the reason i stayed NA.
hopefully you get her running/tuned before summer is over. i mean it.

well its really a toss up man, i could of tried modifying the engine to bump the displacement and compression but if that failed i'd be shit out of luck..

now if this engine fails, well i can easily stick some det pistons an rods in or just get a de to strap the parts on while i rebuild my ve or whatever..

the plumbing does get tedious though.

Originally Posted by Benito
Its actually going to be a really clean install. I know the bends aren't ideal and the couplers make it look like a Rube goldberg machine but; the couplers all match and the pipes look nice. It will have a nice straight shot for the recirc hose too.

I know what you mean though. Having ran both of them you definitely spend a lot more time setting up a turbo... well until you start punching out the block and custom IM etc.

word, thanks ben

Originally Posted by P10
eh depends on where the partial dumps out, could be PITA if he's getting it dyno tuned.

yea i want my complete downpipe so i can have the wideband hooked up, and im not tryin to drive around all noisy lol

i will be done real soon guys, this has taken alot longer then i had hoped but the end result should pay off.
2012-03-07 06:46:02
sounds to be coming together well... Looks like we may have a grudge race here soon LOL... I am about a month out.
2012-03-07 06:51:27
haha, yeah that would be interesting. what turbo you going with again?
2012-03-08 06:11:05
I should be getting it in this week... I will take a pic when it comes in...
2012-03-08 16:03:44
is it in yet?
2012-03-08 21:17:44
Originally Posted by Keo
is it in yet?

I'm going to go crazy unless I say it. "that's what she said"
2012-03-08 23:43:25
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
I'm going to go crazy unless I say it. "that's what she said"

You heard her all the way from my house?
2012-03-09 00:39:44
Originally Posted by Keo
is it in yet?

nope......and now we gotta rebuild a tranny for my POS
stupid 3rd gear pop-out
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