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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2017-07-30 23:21:06
Thanks guys.. more to come!
2017-07-31 14:59:11
Nice work josh!
2017-07-31 16:58:13
I'm plugged in and waiting for more!
2017-08-02 03:40:46
Just gotta install the turbo / manifold / dp setup and charge pipes, then loop my old coolant lines (I'll shorten 1 so it don't take up much room) and change my oil feed line and hook up the oil drain.. then all I need to do is replace the clutch master to slave cylinder line, it developed a hole and pisses brake fluid everywhere shots on order tho, hoping to drive her this weekend..
2017-08-07 08:10:48
Got her all done today, drove her home! I missed tgisbcar soo much!

Still gotta sand the letters but I was in a hurry
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2017-08-07 16:46:08
Nice! Welcome back to your lovely car!
2017-08-09 05:23:14
What's cool is I moved my dp away from my alternator and I have more clearance for my charge pipe, I had to smash the pipe a bit to clear the dp before.

Also the 90 2"-2.5" coupler was touching the bottom of the radiator, it helped that I changed to a 2" coupler and pipe for sure. The 2" section is only 16" long

I am going to make a decent 3" intake from the maf to the turbo, but it's gonna take time to get the stuff to do it
2017-08-09 13:44:47
Nice work mang!
2017-08-09 16:54:28
2017-08-21 03:39:19
Well after some closer observation I noticed the boost creeps to about 13psi after Vvl hits, I've got the softest spring I have in my wastegate already, so looks like until I build a new manifold and go with a bigger wastegate I'm stuck at that..
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