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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2011-10-05 06:21:35
Originally Posted by Coheed
Hell ya! that is gonna be a fun setup!


i've actually kept up on most of your stuff and you helped me learn a ton about turbocharging a ve.

the .86 housing was what i wanted an keo wasn't sure which one it was, im glad it turned out to be the one i wanted so that should help with the back pressure along with external gate, 3" dp, 3" exhaust and 3" test pipe.. i know with turbos back pressure can be a problem esp with the ve's so if i was going to do this i wanted the least amount possible without breaking the bank.

my goal is 300whp on low boost
2011-10-05 07:02:32
woooooooooohoooooooo about time
2011-10-05 09:20:11
lol, what can i say.. i was made an offer i couldn't refuse..
2011-10-05 09:48:30
Originally Posted by Will
woooooooooohoooooooo about time

Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
lol, what can i say.. i was made an offer i couldn't refuse..

and you broke your tranny N/A cause it just wouldn't go faster....LOL

can't wait to see this set up run
2011-10-05 09:54:19
Originally Posted by boomstickracing
and you broke your tranny N/A cause it just wouldn't go faster....LOL

can't wait to see this set up run

Exactly!!! the trans broke because i was abusive because i was getting pissed off at bein fucking slow. sure.. there was a few things holding me back that night like humidity and needing a tune up an whatever.. it really was bothering me i was so far from before when i was netting 14.2's an 14.0's all night..

that right there was the straw that broke the camels back.. i can launch hella easy an pull a way better time with a turbo then i could n/a launching as hard as i could. not to mention im actually saving alot of money vs staying n/a an going all out high comp.

even if i melt my pistons i'll just get some used det pistons, new rings, bearings and be on my marry way
2011-10-05 12:23:18

I cannot fathom the logic being applied to lead you to your decision. You thought you had a problem with your N/A car, so that problem is now ignored or forgotten about and to attain your goal of "moar fast" you are going to put a turbo on it.

It is your goal, your car, your money, your life and I try to understand why people do what they do, but I just cannot!

Either way, good luck! I don't wish anything bad happens, that is for sure. Our cars that are not being driven are just a waste of space.
2011-10-05 12:35:57
the way i look at it is like this.. as it sits the cars a 14.0 on its best day.. a tune up and retune may have yielded slightly better.. if i went high comp, 4-1 header and custom intake manifold i could possibly bring the car into the mid 13's maybe low 13's, by the time all is said an done thats a pretty penny to spend to take half a second or so off your 1/4 mile time.. and of course all this is launching as hard as i can and bein very hard on the drivetrain

the route im going i should be able to get mid to high 12's and barely break a sweat.. ya ok the engine has a shit ton more power an that is harder on the transmission.. but im going to be nice to it until i can get my hands on a p11 or b15 trans..

and again, believe it or not.. im spending less to go turbo.. i really would Love a 2.3 ve like cory had.. but its just not in the cards.
2011-10-05 12:55:37
Then the seller should've charged you more!
2011-10-05 21:57:23
oh no, the seller had an excellent price!
2011-10-05 21:58:32
Good luck Lynch u won't be disappointed
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