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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-03-09 00:43:43
Thats what i had....

Wait thats to close to thats what she said.
2012-03-09 01:18:50
Originally Posted by Keo
is it in yet?

nope not yet brotha, "SUPPOSE" to goto my friends tomorrow and finish the DP, after that its pretty much a bolt on affair.

besides waitin on my friend i've been helping boomstick and our other friend with their cars, as well as the p10. been a busy guy! lol

i should have $ for you in april for the fuel pump, sorry for taking so long but thanks for bein patient.
2012-03-09 15:06:50
Originally Posted by Keo
is it in yet?

Originally Posted by BlueRB240
I'm going to go crazy unless I say it. "that's what she said"

Originally Posted by B14guy
You heard her all the way from my house?

Originally Posted by danfiveten
Thats what i had....

Wait thats to close to thats what she said.

Originally Posted by sr20fisherman
That's what she said.

You guys must be pretty small if shes asking if its in yet...
2012-03-09 19:47:22
Originally Posted by blairellis
You guys must be pretty small if shes asking if its in yet...

my thoughts exactly!!!!
2012-03-10 03:00:15
OK I know these pics suck, but I used VLC to input my web cam then hit print screen lol kinda ghetto I know but worked better then my phone.. or the cam that eats battery's like they are free.

My WB bung hole. that in a good spot Vaddy?

The reason there's a bare spot is because I don't want to do the final weld until I can bolt it up to the car/turbo and make sure its angled right. I'll paint that spot after we do the final weld but I don't expect it to last. Or any of it for that matter, but I figured its worth a try cause I've seen people have relatively good results.

This is my half ass attempt at rust prevention, I followed the directions as best I could but I couldn't get all the paint off the front piece, but I got the rear part fairly well cleaned up. All I had to use was a grinder with a sanding wheel on it. The can said to wait 1 week because there's some chemical reaction during the curing process that helps harden the paint. Which is perfect cause the weekend after next my friend should have time to let me use his garage for the install.

oh an i used VHT header paint "good" up to 2300f
2012-03-10 03:05:26
Looks dope
2012-03-11 23:07:26
Only pics of parts I want to see are the one with them installed on the car.
2012-03-11 23:44:12
Good job
2012-03-12 06:10:17
It looks WAY BETTER in person =) ur webcam sucks josh....thos pics are crap....LOL
2012-03-12 06:33:26
i asked you to bring your cam, you did not. lol :P
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