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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-02-05 01:57:56
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
Did the NGK's come with a coil plug too?

Yes sir, and all the little clip things to keep them in rows. They fit the ve valve cover fine and I ordered them for a 92 se-r. I also used beck/arnley cap an rotor which are also made in japan like the OEM stuff, and they are similar quality to the OEM stuff i've seen. They are a tad thicker then the shitty auto part store caps an possibly made from different material.

oh an i paid like 8$ for the cap and $2 for the rotor, i for get the exact prices for them but it was cheap.
2012-02-05 03:11:18
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
ok so its super hard to see in the pics, but they actually say R-8, doesn't say a mm anywhere on them that i see.. maybe they are 8mm's an thats what the r-8 means but i dont know.

i got them from rockauto for like 36.99 before shipping

I'm not sue about the R-8? Maybe has to do with RFI noise supression number? I see the R8 on other NGK wires like Honda, Toyota etc. Who knows. From my research though it apperas as though NGK matches OEM specs. so if you ordered them for your specific car then they would be 7mm. Oh well, they looked big to me. Those wires are $50 now @ RockAuto. Have to find a discount coupon I guess!

Originally Posted by danfiveten
All i use in any of my nissans are ngk wires and plugs. Never had issues with them. I will be running the red ultra's though since im getting them for free.

Dan, I just wanted to let you know that the Ultra Red wires do not work properly on B14's with G20 seats. You should send them my way just to be safe!

Here they are new from Japan. Not cheap: ULTRA - Silicone Power Plug Wire - Nengun Performance
2012-02-05 03:19:49
its tax time bro, all the prices went up! lol
2012-02-05 04:06:53
Looking good. Glad you got the plms to hook up. Hopefully you can do something w mine.
2012-02-05 04:37:11
yea i'll give it a shot, hopefully its something simple.. never seems to be that way with that car tho lol
2012-02-05 04:49:40

I can get these from Toyota. FYI I ran sti injectors in my taco and it was plug and play!
2012-02-05 04:53:52
good to know!

the ones i got from you i should have just used the butt connectors on from the start, once you try to undo them little metal guys they just end up breaking. the b13 metal clips would not fit into the plastic clips either.. i was out there cussing up a storm.

but boomstickracing came to the rescue with some from a 93 legacy in the junkyard so all is good now!

she fired up the first try and after i finally got to tweak the injector multiplier and adjust the map a little it ran good, had no issues dialing it into 13.0:1 afr.
2012-02-06 01:48:49
so i cleaned up the rest of the wiring today and tucked the injector harness behind the intake manifold

this is the knock sensor plug, it got separated an routed back there also

2012-02-06 02:02:06
Where is the boost at?

I want to see some 2nd gear rolling burnouts already.
2012-02-06 02:12:04
im working on it lol.. i think i have almost everything i need now, gotta double check my list though
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