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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2017-04-11 03:44:51
Stock mains are good for 500-550+ WHP. No sense is risking going with anything else due to having to get align hone.

Looking good!
2017-04-13 00:26:42
12293-53J00 | eBay
2017-04-13 02:10:46
53j00 is de / det and I found some for much cheaper

What sucks is I had those 9 damn 54c00 bolts but some how 5 went mia (5 in a pack) the other 4 were right where I put em in my tool box we completely cleaned the shop an reorganized an still can't find em.. idk.. oh well.. 53j bolts should be fine for my goals
2017-06-30 02:05:46
Wow, photobucket fucked my threads.. guess I'm done updating an sharing shit.. sorry everyone
2017-07-24 06:43:09
Almost done modifying my manifold for my new precision 5531

I gotta unbolt the dp from the turbo to finish, I'm trying to not warp the flange too bad.. took me forever to straighten the turbo flange

I also gotta fix/redo the wastegate dump a tad bit.. it's got a few cracks probably from holding the turbo up from the old flange being broken but also the turbo placement sorta changed so I have to make up for it.. which isn't. A bad thing becuz now the dp is further from the alternator
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2017-07-24 15:50:55
Kick ass!
2017-07-30 07:29:06
Got my manifold all finished up

2017-07-30 14:19:50
Banging it out, mang!

2017-07-30 15:26:37
Gettin'r done.
2017-07-30 23:19:31
awh snap!!!! do work!
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