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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2013-12-06 19:58:38
Play with you timing. Section off the map into idle, tip in, cruise, and wot and start with small increases in each area.
2013-12-06 20:47:04
Why didnt you start with the VE timing?
2013-12-06 20:52:23
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
Why didnt you start with the VE timing?

What do you mean? I didnt see no ve timing map for nismotronic, atleast not when I made this tune.
2013-12-06 21:24:53
He has them on the website now
2013-12-06 21:53:25
hmm i gotta be blind cause im not seeing them? theres the start up calibration thing in the download section, but thats what ive already got..
2013-12-06 22:05:05
nevermind, it was in the startup thing on the site, which is weird cause thats where i got mine from an the date it was posted on the site was older then the one i've got.. not sure how that works but either way, i got it now! lol
2013-12-07 03:37:49
yeah i was running pretty low timing in my cruise area compared to both the de an "ve" files so i matched them in mostly, we'll see if this second half makes any difference, as of now i'd not be surprised to only get 240 miles on this tank before im lower then im comfortable an fill up lol
2013-12-07 05:03:41
I think vadim found that his DE wanted less timing, I run around the same on my DET for cruising.

Maybe your VE will want more?
2013-12-07 05:07:02
I think that was his rr tho?
2013-12-07 05:27:28
Ya it was for hia rr, he said he used more timing on his det..

I guess we'll see.. if I get more then 240 miles on this tank maybe more timing is working, if not I can take it back down to where it was or even a lil lower..
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