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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2013-11-12 16:30:53
Hmmm... that is weird Josh.
2013-11-12 16:47:26
I really don't think that top portion should turn (at least easily) if the snap ring is installed properly.

Why did you ditch the Tial? (sorry if you posted this earlier)
2013-11-13 05:11:46
Originally Posted by cortrim1
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
I emailed them an was told these wastegates are a free floating design an that it helps make the wg last longer..

He also said most people zip tie the line so it cant move.. seems silly honestly..

If I cant get this thing to maintain boost pressure im gonna just put the tial back on but im gonna try changing the spring to the bigger one first as well as using some bailing wire to hold it in place..

then mine is defective because once it the snap ring is locked it cannot be turned. I have had my 40mm gate up to 20psi on the small spring. I run 18psi daily. my housing has never turned.

He said its not suppose to move that easy so yours is prob fine
2013-11-13 12:49:51
I bet the snap ring is a few mm to small allowing the cap to rotate under boost.
2013-11-14 03:53:19
Idk man the c ring fits in there pretty snug..

I put the stiffest spring in an it went a little past 15psi and I hit my over boost limiter so then I put the other one back in with a 1/4" spacer my friend made an got 9psi.. gonna put another 1/8" spacer in to try for a few more psi..

Heres pics..

So far it held 9psi steady without the mbc and it didnt move around either
2013-11-15 04:45:17
Well put the other shims in but dont think it made any more boost.. I also noticed the valve couldnt open as far meaning the spring was fully compressing.. so im gonna take the second shim back out an try the mbc again.

Good thing @nsusammyeb put the wastegate location in a good spot on the manifold lol.. an im becoming a pro at the c ring lol
2013-11-15 14:27:20
Originally Posted by Keo
cause he's a bum and hoarding all the 850cc even one of my sets .

1) rx7 forums sir. they are stock injectors.... i got my set for 60bux.

2) zilvia has a great how to thread to get em to work in the stock sr20 rail (vvl in your case).

i just used washers, matched the diameter of the vvl rail and a dremel to fit the diameter of the smaller injectors. easy mod to fit them properly in the ve rail. took no more than 30mins.
2013-12-06 18:05:05
Originally Posted by JKTUNING
I really don't think that top portion should turn (at least easily) if the snap ring is installed properly.

Why did you ditch the Tial? (sorry if you posted this earlier)

sorry for the delay i didnt see your post..

i switched to the jgs because its "suppose" to be a better unit, from the "looks" i can see why its "suppose" to be better.. not to mention JGS is a local company and the guy i got it from is a well respected forum member and the head of the sr20deep pacific northwest chapter.. i also got a pretty good deal on it

i think boost has been staying steady lately but im not really sure.. this past few tanks of gas has had to last me so i've been working on mpg more then power at the moment however even driving like grandma im still barely getting 22mpg.. i could boost quite a bit an still manage 20mpg so 2mpg difference an having to drive all nice is freaking irritating.. afr's are dead on right now an i know my ignition components are good so not sure why im getting stoinked on mpg
2013-12-06 18:45:42
It's your tune, I was surprised how much a tune can make the difference, not even overfueling wise. But that's 22mpg city or highway?
2013-12-06 19:53:19
id say 80% highway, 60mph, babying the throttle, not acceling from stops into boost.. cruise afr is 14.6-15.0 but mostly 14.7 on the dot my soft accel afr is 14.4-14.7.. its 14.5-14.0 afr all the way from -10 vac to about -3 vac (inhg) then drops to 13 afr and then 11.5 in boost but i havent used any boost at all this tank an im damn near on half tank with 118 miles on the trip.

my idle afr is 14.6-14.8 an it doesnt take much time to settle, my cold start on the last tank of gas (since i switched to maf again) was 12 afr but i leaned it out to about 14.0, what do you usually let it idle at cold start?

my timing map down low in the cruise section is basically just a stock de one that comes in the nismotronic startup tcd's i tryed added a little bit (no knocking) an i dont think that made any diff in mpg, maybe a lil more responsive tho idk..

please if you have any ideas shoot em my way home slice!
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