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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2013-04-28 07:46:56
well i think i got some of the leaks fixed, i tightened all the intake bolts more and i found the damper (sp?) hose was leaking even tho i had clamps on it.. however... it might of just been the iacv.. the top and driver side of iacv didnt leak, but the passenger side did, which is right near that vac line... so i changed to the red vac shit i got cause it fits great and is hard to pull off.. then i took the iacv off and put a super light coat of grey rtv on one side of the gasket then stuck it to the intake an theaded in a short bolt and coated he other side then took the bolt out finished that spot and carefully put the iacv back on.. all in the intake area "seems" good and my idle/cruise is much richer now (as expected)..

however.. i found my bov leaks where it connects to the pipe... not a big surprise with the hks knock off... sooo i'll have to figure that out some how.. but for now the cars running better then it did as far as cruise and idle goes..
2013-05-04 06:27:47
Installed my IAT sensor today and wired up my map sensor, i forgot to take pics of the map sensor wiring but its pretty simple..

So we made due with what we had, we dont have too many fancy tools..

Home made lathe

We took it down to just a hair bigger then 3/4"

Then made a 3/4" hole in my intake pipe and heated it up to expand it and the fitting went in with a little effort..

Certainly not the best way to "weld" aluminum but we used some propane torches (2) to heat the pipe and bung on the inside and out real good then used aluminum filler rod (says can be used with lp torch) to "weld" or "braze" the bung to the pipe..

I haven't leak tested it yet but hopefully it holds, it didnt budge or make any sounds as i tightened the sensor.

Might not be the best placement, but hopefully it'll do..

And if anyones like WTF, no i am not going to use that sensor, its a closed end type, i have a gm unit in there right now lol.
2013-05-04 07:35:33
Make due with what you got...
2013-05-04 07:44:13
haha I like your ghetto home-made lathe, that's awesome rock on!
2013-05-04 07:53:54
Originally Posted by sentraman
Make due with what you got...

Just trying to get setup for map conversion, one step closer to dyno.. i've got about $100 i could spend but thats not enough.. maybe i can save it.. haha gotta make sure theres no issues first though.. i want to bring them something thats not going to need time wasted doing silly shit i should have done before hand.

Originally Posted by P10
haha I like your ghetto home-made lathe, that's awesome rock on!

yeah man, we get creative.. my buddys actually a machinist but he doesn't have too many fancy things at home yet.. he's working on it tho!
2013-05-09 05:48:30
Those are some cool tricks you keep pulling out of your hat.
2013-08-20 08:03:18
put a new PCV valve and grommet on, not really impressed with this AIRTEX pcv, it kinda leaks..

this dual setup i had on there (the weird lookin bit is from a 90's buick brake booster) combed with the worn out stock pcv this thing was rock solid u couldnt blow through it one bit..

something else a bit odd, tonight on the way home i logged my run at like almost 14psi!!?? wtf? i've made runs around this temp before (was only like 62f out) and never hit that high of boost, i have no boost controller and my ewg spring is 8.9.. i'll doube check my boost source and feed hose to be sure, idk what that was about.. lol
2013-08-20 12:04:26
The SRT Caliber guys are using some kind of 20psi check valve that is the best that I've seen. I'll see if I can get a brand on it.
2013-08-20 16:14:17
I'm getting ready to do this, it seemed to have worked well for the other guy.
2013-08-21 03:24:51
ratsun meets p10! perusing the build thread atm
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