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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-09-19 06:52:15
Originally Posted by sentraman
Originally Posted by rmyc
if it was 450 for a tune thats awesome. but starting out at 450. i dunno about that. esp since it's my daily and i have already 5kmiles on my current tune and i just need to fix AFRs. It bothers me how tuners are unsure how much time they will need to tune. (english racing guarantee's their work; flat tuning charge) should take more than 4hrs to adjust the tune on a car.

I am sure that we went through this once already. If english is flat rate then go for it. My rates at trackforged are all flat rate. I spend the money to get the right treatment. My retunes are way cheap after the initial tune.

Reasons why tuners are unsure of how long it takes could be many reasons. I for once have seen some straight ghetto setups come on the dyno to where people keep swearing that the work was legit. There are many variables to why tuners dont say o yea ill get it done quick and it's guaranteed.

Sohc turbo civic came into get a full tune done. Fully built yada yada civic. Did all his own work at home. Came to get tuned, shit was all fucked up. He went ahead and blamed them for why his car was smoking, sounded like shit and why it just would run right. Forge have him discounted rates and turned out to be builders error with installing piston rings upside down...

Long story short, if you think its too expensive please by all means go find somewhere else to tune. Instead of trying to label a shop to a typically based price everywhere.

i get what u mean, but i get so many diffent prices from all the shops, it pisses me off. i see shops at the track and they give me a price, i email and i get a different price, call and get a different quote.

i did get a good price on a cage from forged.. I just dont like shops giving me advice on my build. telling me 8psi is to low boost, yada yada is not the best wide band.. i'm not trying to build HP, just want a stable daily.
2012-09-19 06:54:58
Lol I understand, but the best daily is something like my 87crx lol 51mpg and going
2012-09-19 07:00:00
Originally Posted by sentraman
Lol I understand, but the best daily is something like my 87crx lol 51mpg and going

i have 8 SR power'd cars, i shuffle around them daily. P10 VE+W10 turbo stock boost is what i want to size down to as my main daily

sorry lynch, im gonna start my own thread..
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2012-09-19 15:02:04
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
i use virtual dyno..

and theres no such thing as the same setup, even if all the parts are the same the engine / sensors may react differently.. this is why nissan and even jwt used really broad spectrum tunes to cover any discrepancies between engines/sensors/weather Ect.

but again.. what do you tune with? do you have a wideband? maybe i can lend a hand?

Bingo, I don't give people tunes for this reason. I will help them learn how to tune, but I refuse to be responsible for their cheapness (not wanting to buy proper equipment). If you have a tunable ECU and non-factory tune, you MUST have a wideband or at least take it to a wideband dyno. Otherwise your just blind, you could be lean as crap even NA, and you wont know.

Originally Posted by rmyc
im still cant decide if i should go AEM or Innovate. haha, AEM needs no calibration, but innovate is more accurate

GET Innovate MTX-L, it requires no calibration and no annoying wiring. As plug and play as AEM is, but it's much more tuner friendly.
2012-09-19 22:06:38
Made a couple back 2 back runs.

Red is run 1 from today, Blue is run 2 from today, Green is the famous Run 3 that I use for comparisons.

Whats weird is I'm making a shit load more tq then before plus more power everywhere, now the only differences lately is I rearranged some intercooler piping, and the nemu.. other then that everything's the same, even the tune for the most part.

Maybe making my intercooler piping straighter with less sharp turns helped alot? but I don't know?

I cant wait to start logging boost lol
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2012-09-20 00:31:48
Nice runs

Originally Posted by Vadim

GET Innovate MTX-L, it requires no calibration and no annoying wiring. As plug and play as AEM is, but it's much more tuner friendly.

So it's not required, just a feature on the unit if wanted?
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2012-09-20 06:21:50
Originally Posted by rmyc

So it's not required, just a feature on the unit if wanted?
How to calibrate the MTX-L Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge. - YouTube

That's initial setup, after that you don't have to worry about it. You can if you wish but you don't have to. LC1 you had to wire in a switch and press it every 6 months or so, MTX-L you can but you really don't have to. Granted I will do a fresh air calibration when I put a new motor in, that way you can assure that the wideband stays accurate.

AEM doesn't have a fresh air calibration feature, but that also means if the sensor gets really dirty, the gauge can't recalibrate thus will read wrong.

Now One thing I really dislike about the MTX-L is the HTR, it does take a little too long to warm up, while AEM gives me numbers instantly (though they are most likely inaccurate due to cold sensor).

Another thing is the yellow digits, they are invisible if you have sunlight shining on the gauge, but they are huge and easy to read otherwise. After not running my AEM I installed it on the B15, first thing I noticed is how tiny the digits where, they are red so always visible but are tiny.
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2012-09-20 06:33:43
lol why'd you quote me too?

2012-09-20 15:50:34
Because I was gonna comment on your graph but I guess I got too busy with the wideband chat.


Son that's some damn lean conditions. Virtual Dyno should only pick up throttle above 88% or so, that means your running THAT lean at WOT. Get that stuff down to 12:0 AFR and feel the additional power gain. If your in boost, no matter the throttle position, you better be around 12.0:1!

Mind emailing me your TCD and your TCL log from one of those runs?
2012-09-20 16:05:51
Originally Posted by Keo
Originally Posted by Boostlee

That is too damn funny!!
I was at John's shop last night to have him personally install one of these for me

where was my invite???

It's in the mail, promise
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