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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-06-20 02:57:42
That grey looks pretty solid to me
2012-06-20 03:06:40
ya my new phone is alot better then my old one but still not perfect on the close ups.. there are some specks for sure though.
2012-06-20 03:21:37
nice compression, I've never seen mine that high. What's the temperature like in your area? Also what RPM were you able to get to during testing?
2012-06-20 03:24:38
Man that's some good compression. I'm quite a bit more down compared to that.

Black specs on the spark plugs is detonation, once they go on the plug they are not coming off either (they are baked into the porcelain). Ease off on the timing, especially down low and where full boost hits. You really need TunerCode/Nemu's knock logging ability.

I just checked my brand new spark plugs, not a spec on them. With my log manifold and 20ve cams it was so bad!
2012-06-20 03:25:05
not sure on rpm, i unplug the dist which stops spark as well as fuel from spraying, i also hold the throttle open while running the test and i had all spark plugs out during the test to help the engine spin faster.

its like 64f today, the test was done immediately after takin the car for a few mile drive an some boosting an stuff.
2012-06-20 03:27:13
the specks are like silver/white not black, and i guess i could be from when i was initially setting my tune up an was crusing at like 17+ afr lol i pulled the plugs out an they had a ton of white shit on em, so i changed the cruise afr to 15-16 an the white went away, except for the specks, which as you said do not come off.
2012-06-20 03:42:34
You can't really tell from what the plugs look like. Could try swapping the MAF If you want another take a ride out this way and I'll give you one of mine.
2012-06-23 10:16:44
teaser vid:
2012-06-27 00:59:36
Picked this up from Benito

Mostley because I want to ditch the factory ecu limiter (yaya vadim, tunercode bla bla lol) this will cut ignition instead of fuel like the ecu does so I won't be so afraid of hittig the limiter and melting my pistons lol

However if I happen to pick up some ponies that would be cool too lol
2012-06-27 01:03:36
You need to take some more video man! That was sick! What does the install of the aftermarket ignition entail?
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