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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2011-10-08 02:01:17
i have 2 restrictors, a .40 and a .30 that are built into the banjo bolt, i also have a .35 restrictor that goes right into the turbo then turns into a -4an line however the ss line i have has a banjo on the end so i cannot use that one unless i get a different oil line..

i will more then likely get silicone rad hoses an maybe coolant ones for the turbo, but for now i think the ss line with the appropriate rubber line will work just fine.

i'll let ya look over my parts cache once everything comes in
2011-10-09 07:52:51
so what do you guys think i'll make on 10psi?
2011-10-09 08:17:32
200hp lol
2011-10-09 08:19:51
haha, ya thats a safe bet!
2011-10-09 16:42:03
240-280 on 10 psi.
2011-10-09 17:00:10
My 10:1/GTiR hit 260 @ ~10.5psi so you should be well north of that.
2011-10-10 00:25:54
If everything is running good you should be around 265-275 whp give or take.... Of course all dynos are different and that number is just a tuning tool. At 10 psi externally gated you will make very good power for the simplicity of the setup. You will be very safe @ 10psi all day on the street and have a very broad powerband with very little lag. You can crank it to 15psi on race day as long as you have the fuel and a good tune. I have seen a stock ve hold 14lbs all day everyday for a couple years with a similar sized turbo. I am envious of your setup Please take care of all maintenance items before you start to throw parts at it because adding more things to troubleshoot into the equation will make it hard to track down the cause of your problem. Also properly running fuel & ignition items will allow you to boost a stock ve safely without worry.
2011-10-10 04:26:39
Pics for keo will explain later

2011-10-10 04:34:38
how the hell did you break it? dropped the cam on the floor?
2011-10-10 04:46:11
ok heres the story, changed the cames back to stock and when i put the last cam cap on for the exhaust cam i realized i didnt rtv under it like your suppose to so i took it off then i found that little metal peice which wasn't there when i took the exhaust cam off so it must of been wedged in the cam cap.. so i start pokin around an notice little marks where the distributor goes in, then i look at the dist an its chewed.. bout shit when i looked at the cam..

the good news is the actual cam itself is fine and the broken bit broke opposite of the direction the cam rotates so theres no chance to the distributor slipping.. all the lobes an "bearings" are fine thank god..

as of how it broke your guess is as good as mine, i know for a fuckin fact when i put them in they were fine.. i didnt examine the bottom piece tho so it may have been cracked from the start.. i never took the distributor out in the 10k~ miles the cams were in and when i put the dist in it went in easy as pie like always.. i took the cams directly from the boxes they came in an put them straight in the motor they never were dropped dinged banged smacked rubbed scuffed or anything so i dont know what the fuck happend.. all i know is that little peice of metal is all thats left of what broke off.
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