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Thread: Engine Oil for new SR20VE-T

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2011-09-30 04:40:09
Im running Rotella 10/30 in my DET Swap for the first 500 miles than switching to 15/50 Mobil 1 Synth after
2011-09-30 04:56:59
Motul 300 V 5W-40 is the best you can get.
2011-09-30 12:54:01
thanks for the feedback everyone, its making me reconsider using valvoline now. most of the other oils you are mentioning are not sold here, so I'm trying to work with whats available. you guys in the US got all the good stuff lol.
2011-09-30 18:07:06
Valvoline is a good oil, don't be worried about it.... I would actually run that over the new formula that mobil 1 has had for the last couple years. There are better oils than valvoline but it is one of the better that I have found, especially for the price.
2011-10-01 04:35:15
valvoline vr1 even though it doesnt have nearly as much zinc as advertised

brad penn oil is top of the line stuff, for turbo engines i try to stay away from synthetic oil
2011-10-01 08:14:35
2011-10-01 12:51:03
I've been using Valvoline VR1 20-50 for like 10 years on all my motors with no prob. I even use it with my current E85 setup with no signs of thinning out. I'm in Florida so our climates are very similar.
2011-10-02 18:10:22
i run poyal purple in my det daily driven NX
2011-10-02 18:17:45
Mobil1 15w50 here and never any issues. If you saw what my crank and bearings looked like after 11k miles of the torture I put my motor through you will think twice before calling it crap. For one the 15w50 didnt get the low standards that the other oils got. Matter fact when they tested even the old formula 15w50 it passed with flying colors. The lower viscosity oils failed, they have since redone their formula and from what ive seen have passed all testing. Hence the 2 dollar increase/qt that they added to the oil, lol. But again after seeing the results in my own motor, im sticking with mobil1 15w50 and would recommend it to anyone. I also run the mobil1 filter as well.
2011-10-02 19:19:30
Motul 300V 5W40.
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