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Thread: SR20VE-T Build - Cam activation

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2011-09-22 19:40:16
SR20VE-T Build - Cam activation
Hi everyone,

I recently had a SR20ve built for turbo by Andreas Miko and have a few questions. Here's the setup:

9:1 compression
SR20ve cams
Z32 Maf
740cc Injectors
JWT ECU at 4 bar fuel pressure
Precision 6262E Journal Bearing (Exhaust Turbine A/R .63)
Protech Equal Length manifold
Full 3" exhaust

I'm still in the process of breaking the engine in but wanted to find out what rpm would be ideal for my cams to switch at. Down here in the Cayman Islands, we dont have a dyno, so it would be more difficult to determine where the best switchover point is, other than butt dynoing. Also, how do you guys think this setup will do powerwise? Is my turbo exhaust side too small/restrictive? Please make some recommendations.
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2011-09-22 19:59:26
I was told 4k for turbo, but not sure if that depends on the turbo size. Mine is a little t28 tho.
2011-09-22 20:04:55
thanks mirrortints...anyone else?
2011-09-22 20:58:40
I kicked mine between 4000-4500 also. With the SR16 cams I could switch the exhaust early at around 3500rpm to aid spool. It worked wonders.
2011-09-22 21:00:00
The 6262 is a rather large turbine (compared to a similar garrett) but they have a lower trim typically. Either way, with the stock cams I think it is a perfect size. .63 should spool nicely.
2011-09-22 21:06:48
How about some pics of your setup boost.
2011-09-22 21:31:06
thanks coheed...im using the msd switch, so i would have to switch both cams at the same time..it would have been cool if i had the greddy mss, to play around with activating intake/exhaust cams independently at different rpms, but guess wont be that helpful wit no dyno so i guess i could try between 4000-4500 to switch the cams. do you think it would respond better switching at a lower rpm, like 3500-3800?

blue, i will post some pics in a few days, in the member rides section and post a link in this thread.
2011-09-22 21:38:06
Cool can't wait to see it.
2011-09-22 21:48:43
I have a 6262 also but with the .82 back housing and SR16ve cams and i switch both at 4800 rpm. Feels good there. Turbo spools quick and you can feel when the cams switch. Feels like a well prepared nitrous setup. Finally gets traction at the end of 4th gear.
2011-09-22 22:48:51
boot96 out gtir switches them at 5000 , you could try them and you surely would feel the best point , like 4000 , then 4500 , then 5000 , then go in between the best two eg. 4700 and there you go.
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