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Thread: Intercooler piping question

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2011-09-21 00:57:14
Intercooler piping question
Sorry if this is a dumb question, just trying to figure some things out here before I start down the wrong road.
Which would be better to use 2.5" piping or 3.0" piping?
My compressor outlet is 2.5", the intercooler inlet and outlet are 3" and the N62 is of course 3" then the TB is 2.75".

So at 2.5" the transitions would be something like this: Compressor outlet 2.5" -> 3" transition at the intercooler inlet -> hump hose-> Intercooler -> hump hose -> 2.5" transition at the intercooler outlet -> 3" transition at the Maf inlet -> 2.5" transition at the Maf outlet -> 2.75" transition at the TB

At 3" piping it would look something like this: 3" transition at the Compressor outlet -> hump hose -> intercooler -> hump hose -> Maf -> 2.75" transition at the TB.

If using 3" piping it would be less transitions and therefore possibly less turbulence? Or is the turbulence encounter negligible if using quality piping and hoses? What other draw-backs would there be from using larger intercooler piping if any?
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